Once lease returns hit dealer lots these will go for $12k used, $14k with certified warranty.  Bet on it.  Read more

I get it—I hate the show (actually the culture that popularized it), but fwiw I met Scheana, Tom, Jax, and Kate about 4-5 years ago at a bar where they were raising $$ for some charity or a friend who had medical bills. No cameras were around, and those motherfuckers couldn’t have been nicer. At that point they were Read more

California needs to come up with some dirt on Biden’s son, then the EPA will leave them alone. Read more

2015 or 2016 Lexus GS350 AWD.  Excellent reliability, should hold value relatively well, fun to drive and can fit a couple car seats.  Read more

Plenty of new Corollas have 16" wheels. Read more

I had a Q50 with the turbo 6 as a rental (no idea why Hertz had one), that fucker could scoot. The steering was numb, and the infotainment system was buggy, but it was fun to thrash for a day. Read more

The listing linked in the article notes it is a 4x4 Read more

Like it or not, North Americans want trucks and SUVs.  That’s what the market has been saying, so that’s what they’ll sell here.  Read more

Comic fans like you are the worst.  Read more

1. You can find a used Leaf for well under $20k. Read more

If you count numbers after the decimal it’s possible. Could see one going for $1,000.00 if the right buyer came along. Read more

A shining beacon of what not to do, so that other nations may find their way. Read more

Why haven’t they added apple carplay or android auto? How does it compare to the new accord? Read more

In the author’s defense, your expectations were ridiculous. Read more

Years later I’m still fucking pissed at that bait & switch. Read more

Good car but I can’t get past those ugly wheels. Shame, because the ones you can get with the Accord “sport” are really good looking.

Agreed, so long as you have good tires and know how to drive in those conditions. I was able to get through several NW Wyoming winters with a 2wd pickup+snow tires+weight over the rear axle. Read more