Use of the word “woke”.

woketard? What are you, Roger Stone eight years ago? How can you even type that nonsense without shuddering and vomiting in your mouth. It looks so stupid on the screen. It sounds grating. I love that you think it’s clever, it’s almost adorable if you weren’t such a terrible person.
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I don’t know if it was woke or not, but the AV Club has always had an anti-being-an-asshole bias. I think the difference now is the constant stream of articles designed expressly for outrage harvesting. Read more

Please post some links to those halcyon days. Read more

The deleted scenes from Muppet Christmas Carol were wild Read more

Yeah stop coming after him for his dumb takes about movies. There are much more important things to hate him for, like how he's a sexual predator. Read more

I watched “Moonfall” for some reason and it is the dumbest movie ever made. Somwhow much dumber than “Armageddon,” which I actually saw in a theater. Read more

Using pop culture stuff as a springboard for promoting and expanding science literacy is good, actually. Read more

Aw come on, leave NdT alone. Dismissing someone trying to teach you science not only makes you dumber, it makes you a Republican. Read more

It was always “woke”, you just weren’t radicalized into culture war idiocy back then. Read more

Remember the era of television where you didn’t have to be a huge hit right out of the gate but were sometimes given multiple seasons to find your footing? Read more

dont act like shes at fault, tons of people have said SNL sucks to work at. Read more

Checked your history. You hate Black people and women. Probably yourself too. Read more

The second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is like a completely different show from the first season, and some of the best TV Marvel ever made.
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12 Monkeys is so, so much better than it had any right to be. It was amazing, AND stuck the landing. Just a super show. Read more

I loved this show from the jump, and I’m glad to see it getting some recognition recently. Maybe it’s time for a rewatch Read more

News articles are quoting from her petition that she filed in court. Read more

Yes, citing a broken down relationship. All the reasons why are being leaked by “sources” to tabloids. Read more

Hers was made in a court of law instead of sources leaking stuff to the press. Read more

Don’t make Taylor Swift write (another) song about you, asshole Read more