5/07/21 4:14AM

Thank you for saying this. The self-centeredness about this handicapped parking thing been disheartening, so I appreciate you saying that. I’m disabled and rely on a rolling walker everywhere I go (never very far), and I *still* have people questioning me sometimes for parking in a handicapped spot (even though I have Read more

5/06/21 1:42PM

When I do see them used I often see a perfectly able person stick a placard on the mirror then waltz on into the store. Read more

5/06/21 9:54AM

This just sucks overall for EV owners. Charging spots are already so limited and will only get more scarce as more EVs hit the road, and Biden’s Infrastructure plan isn’t moving gears anytime soon. By nature of installation cost, chargers have to be close to the power source, ie close to buildings so they usually Read more

5/06/21 8:47AM

He has a 40k+ car. He can afford the parking permit. 

5/05/21 7:37PM

You must have the special “medical detection vision” that allows you to look at a person and determine if a person is disabled or not. Just an FYI, thanks to Covid the ranks of people who don’t look handicapped but are entitled to use those spaces are skyrocketing. Read more

5/05/21 4:09PM

You’re not broke if you have a $40k lifestyle vehicle. He could very easily sell that, buy a slightly used and still reeeally nice car for $20k, and pay for 80 years of parking.

5/05/21 3:58PM

No? That’s exactly the scenario. It’s ok (in your opinion) for one guy to grab the handicapped spot as long as nobody else grabs the remaining ones. That’s why there’s a $250 fine for parking in any handicapped spot. It’s not a $250 fine for “taking the last empty spot” or “parked in a handicapped spot when someone Read more

5/05/21 2:43PM

So, instead imagine he is using a fake disabled placard to park. Disabled spots often sit empty. Dick move or not?

5/05/21 2:41PM

I checked and, yeah, Texas Southern general parking permits are $250 or more, and I can totally sympathize with a broke college kid not wanting to pay that. Read more

4/24/21 9:00AM

Holy shit, those screen shots. What a bunch of vicious sociopaths. 12 year olds who murder animals need serious help. I hope that woman gets jail time (but she won’t). The kid needs mandatory counseling (but that won’t happen either). All I can say, and this is not an exaggeration, is that I would have ended up in Read more

4/23/21 7:30PM

Agreed, the kid did not simply “trip” on the cat’s leash as his mom leads us to believe— animals don’t just drop dead when that happens. Additionally, the cat’s back was bloodied from the impact of the fall and he was declawed while trying to escape. The claws of a cat are direct extensions of their bone structure, Read more

4/23/21 3:26PM

what happened: an asian couple was out walking their 2 cats, a dog, and a parrot, and a kid approached them and murdered ponzu. the kid ran back to his family who was having a family gathering and told his mom the asian woman was berating him which lead to a verbal argument and then the family jumped the couple

4/07/21 6:58PM

I’m curious about the logistics of this. All of these seem pretty obvious for a stoner in Colorado. Were they previously banned, but are being whitelisted for a good cause? Or did the CDFC wait around and snap up the registrations when the stoners inevitably forgot to renew? Read more

4/07/21 5:45PM

Just bought a car yesterday and the finance person made some huge assumptions before meeting with us. She had the paperwork drawn up with zero down and 72 and 84 month options with helpful breakdowns of monthly payments including all of the extended warranty and add ons they offer.
I told her we were doing 10k down Read more