11/02/15 1:41PM

...I sort of owned the previous gen Monte for a while.

In my defense, My in-laws gifted it to my wife. They called me for approval, “It’s an old Monte Carlo. Really old. We figure Brickulator will be able to keep it going!” and my mind was full of visions of radiator grilles and opera windows.

Then what showed up was a

10/29/15 4:53PM

I would pay that personally if it got people interested in space flight.

10/27/15 7:58PM

The thing everyone keeps missing is that Processed = Added Nitrates/Nitrites to prevent spoilage and speed up curing. That’s the bad shit.

10/23/15 5:57PM

Upward mobility, as in, out of the comfortable middle class that the majority of those nations is in, and into a ruling class? Yeah, no duh.

Are you a millionaire here yet? Really think you’ll get there?

10/23/15 5:42PM

3. These programs are massively inneffiecient because they are poor compromises to protect randian fee-fees from scary socialism.

10/23/15 5:39PM

and they also allowed for child labor, massive poverty and death, unsafe conditions for workers, and huge monopolies that would drive markets.

10/23/15 5:32PM

Yes, and we have tax-subsidized preventative care, but still in the worst way possible. Socialized medicine really needs an image overhaul - it should be touted based on the efficiency and savings versus for-profit care.

10/23/15 5:30PM

I hate it when the government steals my money to make roads, or deliver mail to people other than me!!!

10/23/15 5:29PM

Yes. The answer is usually “they just need to work harder”. As in “if they didn’t want to work at walmart, they would go to college”. This is a gross oversimplification, but I understand how it would make sense to someone that has never been in a position of disenfranchisement.

10/20/15 1:12PM

Because being poor is considered an immoral life choice in this country. You are only poor because you lack the moral fiber to work hard enough, so helping poor people is just enabling them to continue not trying hard enough.