Brick HardMeat
2:54 PM

Except he didn’t say any of that. Instead he went with some bafflegab about how awful the media is and how they’re out to get the poor, put upon billionaire manager who got caught at a $75/hr tug joint. 

2:38 PM

Why do they deserve criticism? It’s a fairly logical question to ask, given the scenario. They don’t know the production schedule for the movie. This wasn’t a situation where he had to feel defensive. This merely Involves discussing a timeline. 

2:23 PM

But that would require him acknowledging that there is an incident in the first place. There is a new line of public affairs where you don’t deny that an event occurred or a thing was said. Instead, you disregard the possibility of that event or thing ever having the possibility of existing.

3:54 PM

They did pay homage to it — Joey sported FDNY shirts for episodes shot during the weeks of production around 9/11, as well as the apartment’s Magna Doodle having a picture of the WTC — but I imagine that being a comfort-food sitcom came with the mindset that people just wanted to forget the crazy world for 30 minutes Read more

3:48 PM

As someone who lived in NY on 9/11, I can absolutely understand the show not bringing it up. We talked about it with friends and family, we grieved, but at a certain point we wanted to get past it. To this day I dread Sept 11th each year, because I don’t need the constant reminder of what happened. I lived through it. Read more

3:32 PM

Looking through the plot synopses for Will and Grace and Just Shoot Me I don’t see any 9/11 references, although this is obviously not the most accurate of searches.  Read more

8:01 PM

Agreed but at least DC and Marvel consistently cast women and minorities in their movies. 

7:45 PM

Scorsese makes the same movie over and over again the same way DC and Marvel do. 

4:15 PM

“When Martin Scorsese says that the Marvel pictures are not cinema, he’s right because we expect to learn something from cinema, we expect to gain something, some enlightenment, some knowledge, some inspiration,” Read more

4:29 PM

Not that weird. I roomed with a guy at college who owned 3-4 rule books for different RPGs. He enjoyed using the rules to create characters, but wasn’t at all interested in actually playing the RPG.  

1:20 PM

I enjoyed the news of Splinter’s shuttering just because I wouldn’t have to scroll past this guy’s shitty crossposts anymore.