Brick HardMeat
6:35 PM

I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’m just having a conversation.” - Every racist 12 year old on the internet.

11:40 AM

I had not heard the thing about her being unfamiliar with Van Halen nor do I know the context, but not only is Van Halen not really her kind of music, last week I asked my smart speaker to play “0U812" and she said she couldn’t find it, while I can see the album in the service’s phone app. Read more

1:30 AM

Generally speaking, if someone is mad that a kid doesn’t know an artist who peaked before they were born, you can just read it as “I dislike this reminder of time’s slow but unyielding march toward my death.”

10:11 PM

Exactly, why in the world would she know Van Halen unless her parents listened to it with her around, or she had an interest in the genre and/or period? Read more

9:31 PM

She was my go to commuting music for a few weeks. It's like having an unusually thoughtful young person sitting next to you. It's nice. And the production is impeccable. 

8:29 PM

I’m an old, but as best as I can guess “cultural appropriation” is akin to “Columbusing” where you find something other people are doing and act like it’s your own discovery. On the other hand, finding something another cultural group does and enjoying it doesn’t qualify so long as you don’t try to take ownership of Read more

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7:34 PM

Do the math. At normal pricing, that’s about 2 grand a flight. With several thousand flights a day, you are talking millions of dollars each day. Read more

5:21 PM

I’ll defend the David Lee Roth era (but even Eddie’s playing can’t get me on board past that). I’ll also defend Eilish not knowing who they are (there is WAY too much music now and in the past for everyone to be aware all of the music that exists).

3:38 PM

It’s not just how quickly insects reproduce, it’s about how hard they are to raise versus herd animals. Cows and pigs produce a LOT of waste throughout their lifespan and insects don’t produce nearly as much. Cattle farming is one of the largest contributors to methane production.

4:34 PM

palestine is a country and most of the world recognizes it.  its mostly the us uk and europe who refuse. 

4:02 PM

Tell that to my best friend and his husband, a biracial LGBTQ couple with biracial kids. I’m sure they will be thrilled to know, if Trump gets reelected, that you’re such a committed lefty. I’m sure that will make them feel much safer.

2:26 PM

Nah. Trump is still way worse. Bloomberg is what used to be called a moderate Northeastern Republican but which now no longer exists because the Republicans went so far to the right, and even then on things like abortion he never fit in with the Republicans. He’s further to the left than some Southern Democrats.  Read more

1:52 PM

Maybe, but she would still have biological advantages that can’t be countered like a larger lung capacity, a larger heart, stronger bone density, and longer arms and legs relative to body size, which testosterone doesn’t effect. I know I’ll probably get reamed for this, but honestly I struggle with how to balance Read more

5:31 PM

It’s been over 20 years. His kids are grown. He’s coming back on his own terms. If Disney gave him a ton of money, GOOD.

4:53 PM

Rick Moranis coming back on his own terms is pretty cool. He was unhappy with the direction of his career and had 2 young kids he was raising alone after his wife passed from cancer. Read more

1:28 PM

Her decline is hitting me hard. I am going to vote for her in my primary still, but at some point I will probably need to swap to Bernie because of their very close policy positions. But it hurts after seeing how shitty (some very online) Bernie supporters have treated and talked about her, and now I have to be in Read more