Jul 31

Callen categorically denied all the allegations with a statement to The Times, citing “cancel culture” Read more

Jul 30

You get a little sick of being the cannon fodder in a war you shouldn’t have to fight. It also takes up a lot of time.

Jul 30

Okay, but I grew up, work, and live in the UK and have had for the past 15 years, meaning I’ve spent more time and contributed to the country than most Commonwealth immigrants, yet they’re the ones who can pretty much come in fresh off the boat and vote in general elections. C’est la vie.

It’s dumb, arbitrary, and one Read more

Jul 8

If I were 14, this might spark envy in my soft little brain. As a man in his 30s, I can only think that some incredibly bad decisions are going to be made in that ridiculously gaudy house, and these kids are just not ready for it.

Jun 24

Was that during the episode where Jake and Amy have a contest to see how many people they can arrest?

Jun 17

They still would have acquitted him in the Senate. That’s how afraid of Trump’s base and being primaried Senate Republicans are. They don’t cave to Trump. They cave to his crazy ass base. 

May 13

Republicans have been doing this since Lee Atwater and Reagan. They continually move the goal post of what constitutes real racism to the point that you can’t really be a racist unless you’re wearing a KKK outfit while burning a cross on a black family’s lawn while screaming the n-word. Read more

May 4

There used to be a website that answered this question every year, but it couldn’t stick to sports smh

Jan 27

Thank you. For a reporter to be punished by a purported news organization for accurately pointing out that he was very credibly accused of rape, is fucking insane.

Dec 21

STILL no love for The Lighthouse? Fuck, man. With dafriends like this, who needs Dafoes?

Dec 15

Satisfying and hilarious. “It’s tough to be a white man in America” says a US senator planning to run for president. The human eye isn’t capable of rolling hard enough, which is why that line made me laugh...right up until my brain caught up with the fact that his character isn’t a caricature. It’s an accurate Read more

Nov 27

As much as we all mocked those lame ass Toyota Tundra commercials, I’d love to see the Tesla do this.