Aug 11

The battery case for my phone died about 6 weeks ago so I replaced it with a new one that had the feature of wireless charging, paired with a wireless charger for my office. So far I’ve had mixed results. Read more

Jul 31

Goddamn, that's the best response I could have imagined.

Jul 22

A fwe years ago I pulled into an exxon to fuel up my jeep. Stuck the nozzle into my tank and it only went in half way, because as it turned out exxon doesnt use their green fuel cover on their desiel pumps like every other station I’ve ever seen. I had put the desiel pump into my gas car and the only thing that saved Read more

Jul 8

Not gonna lie.  I want one when it's time to get a new car.

Jun 24

Perhaps you should rewatch the series then.  They have consistently spoken about problems within the justice system with regard to race, sentencing, and immigration.  

Jun 9

Get a chain and a truck and pull that dead traitor right out of his horse.

Jun 6

I fully support Tom Cotton having a weekly opinion piece in the NYT as long as it's titled:  "Look at the Bullshit This Fuckface Thinks."

May 12

I dont get it, what’s the NCAA gonna do to Zion? Take his scholarship away?

May 6

Like they said in the article it began in Korea 15 years ago and has ten million daily users. That’s pretty big even if its flown under your radar. If it wasn’t for that then I’d never found the app. Read more

May 4

The original is a surprisingly well written song

Apr 22

You could pay me 25000 to take a HMMWV and I would ask you if I had to keep it.  I was in the army for 10 years, theres no price where a HMMWV is a good deal.

Mar 27

So the 500 I'll get for my child is in place of the 500 credit on my 2020 taxes?

Feb 17

Should've has her with a sign saying killmonger was right

Feb 4

What does the charity do with a name like pure blood?