Brian Kahn
Managing editor, Earther
10:09 PM

As an Aussie my heart really goes out to the people of Paradise. We deal with fire season every year and I guess most of us know someone who has died or lost a home in a major fire here. Read more

12:05 PM

Can we also call PG&E’s bankruptcy a fresh slate to starting infrastructure management that keeps up with both basic maintenance and best practices with regards to fire risk mitigation? And that doesn’t place shareholder returns above safety?

2:24 PM

This take is bad and you should feel bad.

1:46 PM

Perhaps I wasn’t clear: if you believe that climate change is a delusion at this point, you’re a fucking idiot. Go back to the fucking race track.

1:31 PM

Hurricane Lorenzo is so strong it blew Earther/gizmodo content to the left and the widget sidebar to the right on the page. Up is down. Back is forth. Has the world gone mad?

5:57 PM

Any type of Bear Week is orders of magnitude better than Shark Week. My wife and I have spent entire evenings watching the Brooks Falls cam on Bears are magnificent and I’m happy for their fatness and general commitment to being bears.

5:51 PM

And the trolls in the thread (not going to ungrey them by responding) now say “we know all this, we get it, it’s nothing new” when they literally have been disputing and arguing about the facts up until a microsecond ago and they clearly don’t get it. Read more

1:43 PM

The reason they chose those 5 is because they agreed to allow themselves to be subject to hearing legal complaints made against them for not holding up their commitments. That’s why those kids chose to make the complaint. The major developed polluters (particularly the US and China), however, did not sign the Read more

1:14 PM

The young are a real revolution in the making. Remember how all those white male conservatives voted in Trump because they felt ignored. This is a whole generation of people being wholesale ignored. They feel powerless and angry that their future is being destroyed by THIS VERY generation. That anger will manifest in Read more

6:39 PM

Category 5 shitstorms have always existed, but global dumbening has increased their frequency and strength. The Cape Merde type systems that roll off of the right side of American politics in recent years have been particularly devastating to those living in low lying scientific communities.

9:04 PM

How is it that no one, not a single person in this world, will stand up and tell him “No.”? This doesn’t make any sense at all.