Brian Kahn
Managing editor, Earther
Jul 23

I followed the Jurassic Park link and of course ended up reading through the Fandom Jurassic Park wiki. I like this quote regarding sheltering during the storm: Read more

May 21

Had to know this was coming.

May 21

The loon is prominent on Canadian coins. Their one-dollar coin is often called a “loonie.” The eagle is prominent on American coins and national branding. Read more

May 9

Samantha Grasso recently wrote a really good article about how COVID-19 illustrates a long-term conflict in US politics between the rights of individuals and the rights of communities. Climate change is the same kind of conflict: if I, as an individual, can pollute the community as much as possible without any kind of Read more

Jan 18

I am not sure that Earther’s commenting community is able to handle a conversation about sex positivity. It doesn’t help that this article has already been shared to Gizmodo.

If nudes can inspire the governments of the world to move to a post-carbon energy grid then that’s awesome. Sex is already used to sell plenty Read more

Dec 27

It takes me almost 2 hours to commute to work and I live IN the city. I’m more impressed that you can somehow live in Hudson Valley, still make it to a day job in NYC, and not have your life be an endless work-commute-sleep cycle.

Dec 26

How so many top-notch actors were suckered into the disaster that is Cats remains a mystery. Read more

Dec 25

Thank you for running this site on Christmas. Hope all of the electrons find their proper locations.

Dec 23

You know what kills a lot more birds than wind turbines? Fossil-fuel power plants. Read more

Nov 22

The first thing I thought when I saw the truck was that it reminded me of all those grade-C late 70's and 80's post-apocalyptic movies like “Mad Max”. It looks a bit like the Landmaster from “Damnation Alley” which was a movie about ecological collapse following a nuclear war.

Nov 19

They call ‘em ‘mons around here. Maybe it’s a regional thing? Plus you avoid the whole pronunciation thing — Poke-AY-mon vs. Poke-EE-mon vs. Poke-EH-mon.

Nov 19

It will regrow any branches that break off its head. People keep particularly beautiful Corsola branches as charms to promote safe childbirth. Read more

Nov 8

As an Aussie my heart really goes out to the people of Paradise. We deal with fire season every year and I guess most of us know someone who has died or lost a home in a major fire here. Read more