Brian Kahn
Managing editor at Earther, writing about climate change, environmental justice, and, occasionally, my cat.
Apr 7

Honestly kicking myself for not including the BP spill line in here.

Apr 7

I absolutely think individual actions can matter, and I’m sorry if I didn’t make that clear enough! I just don’t think foisting them on people is the best tack, especially the way it’s presented in this film by sweeping away a whole swath of research indicating how we can create more robust structures to protect the Read more

Nov 4

Gizmodo recently launched a podcast, and this week’s episode is all about election misinformation. We figured it’d be timely because [gestures wildly at Trump’s social media accounts and surrogates]. Read more

Nov 3

Instagram mistakenly told a “small group” of users that tomorrow is Election Day on Tuesday (which, to be clear, is actually Election Day). Oops. Hopefully not too many people are relying on Instagram to tell them when to vote at this point. Read more

Mar 12 2020

Gus is hoarding the things he cares about most in these trying times.

Dec 27 2019

Excited for Gizmodo’s new recurring feature What Did Andrew Do to His Chicken Coop This Year?

Dec 26 2019

Well that was an embarrassing typo. Fixed and thanks for reading!

Oct 1 2019

Rude to make me relive my childhood trauma as a lifelong Pats fan.