May 11 2016

I can almost hear the plant whispering to the bug “Shhhhhhhh. It will be over soon."

May 9 2016

Kudos to Gizmodo for giving this issue a serious examination. I admit that I would have predicted a Gawker site to participate in the very same hide-newsworthy-conservative-subjects editorializing that apparently Facebook did. Thanks for proving me wrong.

Mar 24 2016

Welcome to Sploid, if you wanted accuracy you wouldn’t have a Kinja account.

Mar 24 2016

I came here just to post that. Enjoy the 300+ stars you’ll receive for everyone wanting to say the same thing

Feb 14 2016

Like? Seriously, “the one area that he was a decent person,” what “area” was that? And what are the “so many more that he wasn’t?” Only leftists can think such faulty language and shallow, hateful thinking a genuine retort to the jurisprudence of a SC justice.

Feb 14 2016

I know Anthony Scalia is the bete noire of the bien pensant types that write for Gawker blogs, but the man was far more than the arch-conservative stereotype that you will all bang your spoons over. No single Justice was a more consistent defender of the 1st and 4th Amendments (he upheld flag burning as legitimate Read more

Feb 14 2016

No doubt that many Gawker Media readers cannot see through their ideological glasses and recognize a great legal mind. I didn’t agree with many of Scalia’s opinions but he was as consistent as any SC justice. I hope those dancing on his grave will remember this when their beloved RBG dies and the conservatives start Read more

Jan 6 2016

Here is a shot showing how it works.

Nov 6 2015

The only thing I got form this, is what a depressing habitat that is for an elephant to have to live in ....

Aug 10 2015

Is your argument really that the existence of institutional racism absolves indivduals of responsibility if they decide to fire guns at police officers? (Or committing arson?)

May 27 2015

Wait. Can you do this with Apple’s iMessage? Read the message in the notification, then dismiss the notification without opening the app proper. I do this with Google Hangouts on Android, and it won’t show the message as having been read.