Sep 16 2019

“I mean, one brings me food at home; the other person requires me to go there and then brings me food from a few feet away” Read more

Sep 13 2019

Bernie is only 2 years older than Biden and he didn’t seem to talk in circles nearly as often as Biden did.

Sep 13 2019

Were we watching the same Biden? I thought they had grabbed a random older guy from my local Bob Evans. He seemed talked himself into circles 3-4 different times.

Sanders is definitely fading to me. He is being eclipsed by Elizabeth Warren.

It is striking to me that Warren is only 6 years younger than Biden.

Sep 13 2019

Too soon? He died 22 years ago but they discovered him this month. When do we start the “too soon” clock?

Sep 13 2019

It sounds like your oil is way too hot, both from the rapid crust formation and the chicken shrinkage. Most recipes call for chicken to be fried between 325 and 360 degrees; anything more and the outside will firm up well before the bird is cooked, and the outer parts of the chicken will dry out and shrink before the Read more

Sep 11 2019

To me it’s even more impressive that not one “friend” even floated the idea that it was maybe a bad idea.

Sep 11 2019

You may enjoy learning that the couple purchased a used SUV. Savings!

Sep 11 2019

One I haven’t seen is to pay more money for quality if it is item you will use a lot. Say you’re working on a home improvement project and need a new tool to complete it. If it is a tool you think you will continue using in the future, spend the extra money and get a decent quality version. Not only is it likely to Read more

Sep 11 2019

I don’t have a strong feeling about it, it looks ok - but what I find humorous is how people are revolted by an extra lens in a square on a phone that otherwise looks identical to the last several versions. Two lenses in an oval - fine. Three lenses in a square - HORRIBLE. Read more

Sep 11 2019

No, and that’s why they offer other cheaper phones with less cameras. 

Sep 11 2019

This is so ugly, it doesn’t even look like a production phone. That camera array looks like a sloppy prototype, and I honestly can’t believe they’re actually selling this as a product. Read more

Sep 10 2019

First, fuck yeah, go Pats. Second, why does Laura Ingraham feel like she needs to involve herself in this issue at all?

Sep 9 2019

Yes, if you are a place that is an option. However, these are good for many situations. For places that allow cans but no glass (such as tubing) these work well. Also, I have a couple heavy drinking events each year and as I get drunk my pour gets a little more generous and I end up over indulging more than I planned Read more

Sep 6 2019

No. Zima was super sweet and nasty. White Claw is La Croix that makes you friendly.