Why wouldn’t you buy a 2.0 Accord Sport? I guess if you HAVE to have a manual, but other than that, I’m not seeing reason to buy the Integra.  Read more

This is the best looking car of....2022? Holy shit.  Read more

Elantra N tops out around 34k and includes 76 more horsepower, a DCT and most of the same technology. I honestly do not get the long-term play here for Acura. The Integra name caters to enthusiasts, yet this isn’t a good enthusiast car for the money. Nor is it a true luxury sedan. Who is buying this thing? Read more

I put an intake on my BMW 328i with the N54 engine and the WHAAAACHOOOOO sound made me laugh like a schoolboy every time. Nothing like a good turbo queef.  Read more

I will never understand this. Make sure the dealer has the paperwork ready when you get there. If you want to test drive it, go test drive it and leave and say you need to think about it. Email and call and do the deal on your terms. Sitting at a dealership is literally wasting your time on one of the worst Read more

Datsun/Nissan 510 I mean fucking hell Nissan this isn’t that hard.  Read more

We can shit on Infiniti all we want, but they’ve had a 400hp sedan on the market for over four years. It’s ridiculous that a car like the IS is stuck in blandville. Read more

I had a 2010 Anniversary Edition and loved it. 328hp, AWD, decent tech (for the time) and a solid ride. Genuinely fun car that never even had a hiccup of a problem. Agree with you -- they should make more cars like that.  Read more

I requested a lease quote from a BMW dealer the other day and the quote was about double what the average is. I basically offered my business in a downtime and yet they still tried to take advantage of me. Unreal.  Read more

I’m pretty sure this is because I’m getting old but I really don’t like the murdered out look anymore.  Read more

The integrated ramp in the tailgate is freaking great.  Read more

You can find an RC-F with a handful of miles on them for around 35k. Read more

Yeah, we have two forward-facing car seats right now and my Tacoma double cab struggles to accommodate them (especially on my side since my seat is back a little further).  Read more

How does this compare to say, a Volvo S90? Those things are pretty good bargains on the used car market.  Read more

A “pair” may be inaccurate.