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Maybe this nutjob just wanted to make a porno and this was his excuse. Read more

Women can surrender all responsibilities for the children they produce. Men cannot. Read more

Well, the goal of the protest was originally to shut down the speaker and prevent the speech. So because they were unsuccessful are we supposed to pretend we didn’t hear that part? Read more

It’s not the act of voting I’m addressing, but really, the stupidity of the explanation, which reads (and probably is) a dumb kid’s attempt at cribbing anti-establishment rhetoric they read from a bunch of other people. Read more

It is always the attacked intellectual minority that cries about their treatment. Read more

The thing that bothers me about that bit you quoted is, when one starts calling people fascists for having different views, either everyone who thinks differently than you is a fascist, or you dilute the meaning of the word so much that effectively no one is a fascist, even when they actually are. Read more

The more radical members of the left always immediately default to fighting fascism with fascism. Because obviously, when you’re done you’ll have less fascism in total. But the fascism that’s left will be for your own good! Promise!
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The author has apparently intentionally missed the entire issue. Read more

Nobody says you have to listen. You just shouldn’t muzzle people. Isn’t that a clear distinction? Read more

Your point might be valid if all the students agreed unanimously. But of course, you know that isn’t the case. That’s the problem with rights. Conflicting rights bump into each other. These speeches happen because student groups book the speakers to speak. Tuition paying students. Read more

Maggie Haberman’s job isn’t to support the resistance. Her job is to report the news - if it doesn’t jive with your own personal opinions that is not a sign of Haberman being at fault.
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The speakers are invited by students of the college. Read more

The person who couldn’t figure out who was preferable between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on foreign policy wrote this. Read more

That’s simply not true. I’ve been a NYT subscriber for years read the paper from top to bottom every morning, and not even the conservative opinion writers support Trump. Read more

There’s a looooooot of assumptions about me and what I think you just made. I’m not mad, I’m bored. As tiresome as you find the anti-Bernie bandwagon, I find it similarly tiresome that Bernie continues to be held to the metric of “did Hillary say something worse?!” Read more

You’re right. Hillary did say that. It was racist. Can we move on now? Read more

Point out that he was arrested once in Chicago and attended (he was not an honored guest or speaker) the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom before moving to...white ass Vermont and his stans lose their shit. He can fuck all the way off.

I don’t get what was so “great” about what he did. Read more

As Miss Jackson asks “What have you done for me LATELY?”
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s.This! Not only condescending. But, yeah ok you were on the right side of history. But simply doing the right thing only gets you so many points.
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I remember the time before the primaries’ results, on Tumblr, when posts kept popping up to remind the members that Bernie also marched for “the Blacks’” civil rights. To me... The posts felt soooooo condescending.
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