Apr 29 2018

Bull shit. 1) It’s not always possible on limited incomes to buy more skirts for rapidly growing bodies. 2) There are plenty of busty white girls with short skirts who don’t get punished on the same scale. and 3) It doesn’t fucking matter bodies are bodies punishing for having boobs while black is INSANE.

Mar 13 2018

 I am honestly a little bit tired of so-called progressive dudes crapping all over Democratic ladies while not looking to so-called progressive men doing squat for either women’s rights or minority rights. Read more

Mar 12 2018

I will watch The Holiday whenever it’s on. The Jack Black character gets on my nerves a little, but it’s the one Nancy Meyers movie I can stomach.

Mar 4 2018

I hope every time someone from Access Hollywood brings up Seacrest the person being asked the question bring up Access Hollywood sitting on the Trump pussy tape (aka the admission of sexual assaulting women tape).

Mar 4 2018

We. The people who have witnessed the best in humanity, but unfortunately, the worst in humanity, in the last decade. We will survive. Somehow, we will survive. And the Obamas will be a big part of our survival. .

Mar 4 2018

That was me i just wanted to tell them to shut up cuz wtf let a fucking kid dream

Mar 4 2018

oh my god shut uppppppp🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

Feb 20 2018

Because different countries speak different dialects of English

In English in our country, the appetizer comes first, followed by the entree.

You guys speak English differently.

That’s how languages work - there are things called D I A L E C T S that vary from country to country, and even within countries (New Yorkers Read more

Feb 20 2018

yeah, it’s so emotionally and physically taxing to... uh... bring a second set of silverware to a table? Read more

Feb 20 2018

I don’t understand this either. It’s a restaurant; they’re there to cook/serve food. I shouldn’t feel obliged to order more than I want just to put some extra money (of mine!) in their pocket. I would never buy a bigger car than I needed just because the salesman might get a larger commission. “I never need a pickup, Read more

Feb 20 2018

Get out of here. I go to a restaurant to order what I want off the menu... not to give charity to the staff. Read more

Feb 20 2018

I would never in a million years consider my server’s financial needs while I am considering if I want to split an entree. I’ve read this and I still won’t. You go out to eat, you order what you want to eat, you tip.

Jan 21 2018

This. Also my work takes me to a lot of remote, smaller towns where there are mostly only chains or very casual mom and pop diners. Not much fine dining. The waitstaff in these establishments seem put off/surprised by orders of steak that isn’t well done and absolutely none of them seem to recognize what this Read more

Jan 18 2018

exactly - i stack plates sometimes because i want some elbow room that is not filled with dirty plates. i’m not criticizing servers implicitly or explicitly with that maneuver, so they can keep their feels on the subject to themselves.

Jan 18 2018

The trend of small cramped tables with way too many things on them (Do we really need a 4foot wide bread-basket? 3 butter dishes?) and HUGE plates with 6" of sprinkled herbs bordering the 4" serving of whatever it is on the plate has been one of the leading questions in my mind. In a picture, that looks cool and all, Read more