Nov 29 2017

Yeah Duchess Kate even directly spoke to the press yesterday ( not a thing she normally does) at an event and said how excited/happy she was about Harry getting married. But yeah it’s going to be all about how these women supposedly can’t deal with each other.

Oct 15 2017

This. I’ve always banked with credit unions and never paid account fees. I’m always amazed when folks act like that’s a thing they have to pay for.

Feb 6 2017

I feel like she’s going to make good use of the “Don’t touch the Queen” rule and avoid touching him.

Jan 25 2017

I don’t know, but considering survivors are here and telling their stories and folks still “deny” that it happened does not bode well for people’s responses when no one is left to tell the story.

Jan 24 2017

The fact that my grandmother* could say this about her parents always makes me hate the folks who act like slavery was “so long ago, get over it”. When my grandmother could tell me stories about her mother, the former slave, we are not that far from anything. Read more

Jan 20 2017

Why in that collection of inauguration shots is Obama the only one wearing a flag pin? I swear he didn’t wear one once and the news went nuts, but here’s all the others with no pin.

Jan 19 2017

Yeah or if I knew someone wasn’t out my brain would be too taken up with thinking ....don’t say John, don’t say John... to give answers.

Jan 18 2017

That’s what you think. My President will remain black. I don’t acknowledge that orange dude as my president.