Sep 23

I’m sorry, but since none of you appear to have had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from Harmon’s in Utah, you’re not actually qualified to do this draft.  Which you can tell because there was a candle included instead of actual food.  Read more

Jul 21

Kind of like how you can’t have a single issue of Bane without him doing the signature back breaking move. 

Jul 20

“neither one of us realized the cover would be so polarizing" is their way of saying "I'm sorry you got offended". Also note that in the tweet they didn't apologize at all. Smh.

Jul 10

This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of. Where do I send my money?

Jun 18

Yeah, I’m betting there’s nothing like the church scene from Kingsman in a Disney + movie.

Jun 3

What if this is part of Alice’s plan? She does something to erase Kate’s memory, implant her with new ones, and give her a new face as part of her long-term vengeance plot?

Jun 1

It is odd to me that Subway franchises foot longs can sustain a $5 price. I pay the same money (7/8) at other sub shops for a 100% better sub (with more meat). Why can’t a giant corporation can’t have cheaper prices for a lower quality/quantity sub?

May 28

On #3. Besides from the fact that the kids could go ‘oh heck, they could get rid of ME’ and how fucked up that is, it could also go ‘well, if I don’t like something/someone that is different than me, I can just get rid of it/them’. Really messing up future relationships, both familial, social, and professional.

May 27

If Disney could be absolutely certain that everyone would comply with the new rules, it’s vaguely possible that people might be able to go to Disney World—but assuming that people will be responsible is foolish at best. Read more

May 12

I tell you what, the show really went for it with the principal eating the teacher’s ass... I mean... wooo...

May 12

It took me a while to get into it but I enjoyed this show. The episodes in “The Wall” are actually pretty engaging to me. They’re the ones having the arcs more than the aliens.  And the fact that you can see what the aliens are doing in the background is a pretty funny joke, considering the episode title is what Read more

May 11

Isn’t the entire concept of pirates of the Caribbean that there are more Pirates than jack sparrow. Just make a new movie and ignore him, if the movie is good, no one will notice