2:16 PM

“Can I watch...” No. “Can I listen to...” No. “Can I play...” No. Mean moms FTW

2:15 PM

And therein lies the problem. They are not primarily public servants. They are, first and foremost, self-serving, armed agents of the state with license to kill. In their delusional, demonic white supremacist imaginations all black people are  threats and must destroyed mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or

1:47 PM

People need to know that it’s a two way street. Conservatives use it for their usual racist BS but civil rights groups also can use that info to combat injustice and inequalities. #GetCountedGetYours

1:23 PM

Since my kid was a baby, I’ve been playing her a huge playlist with my favorite upbeat/fun/lyrically appropriate music, including several Prince songs. I was hoping she would think of that as fun music, so I wouldn’t have to listen to so much children’s music. It didn’t work, thanks to TV/children inherently Read more

11:38 AM

Good rule of thumb for understanding our laws: imagine the reaction of, say, an old Lutheran minister of, oh, about 75 years of age. If it would be the kind of thing that would make him inveigh about “kids these days”, then we’ve almost certainly at least tried to make it illegal. If it would make him think “darn Read more

2:18 PM

Three things here—for me, anyway (YMMV):

1.) This is a delayed punishment, and it seems like that delay was largely a function of Blizzard gauging the (almost entirely negative) reaction to their sanctioning of Blitzchung. When most of the complaints coming out about Blitzchung’s treatment included acknowledgment that Read more

5:33 PM

Planescape: Torment is my favorite video game of all time. I played it when it originally released two decades ago and still remember so much of it clearly. It had a great impact on how I DM my tabletop D&D games, and I still draw inspiration for characters and situations to this day. Read more

3:24 PM

“Humans cannot be trusted to rule themselves. They are violent, impulsive, corrupt, short-sighted, and illogical. I will take control of the world and its military hardware.”
Read more

11:41 AM

Disney have basically created an infinite nostalgia machine. They are going to make a billion dollars. Read more