10:26 AM

Pixar has made plenty of good movies since Up, but I still think Up is their magnum opus that they've yet to surpass.

10:44 AM

I totally agree with you and BLM being popular to support is ultimately great. It normalizes it. Certain companies should do just a tad bit more though -

1:43 PM

A reminder, this is all going on because a ‘certain someone’ killed national police reform plans and had spent the past three years publicly advocating for inhuman brutality against minority communities. Even telling law enforcement to commit crimes against minorities and he’ll then pardon them. To Trump if you’re not Read more

11:54 AM

It’s always good to remember that war is the health of the state. Whether it’s our boys against the dirty godless foreigners, or the thin blue line against suspicious ne’er-do-wells (you know the ones I mean), the less we trust our neighbors, the more we think we need the state to protect us from them.

12:07 PM

One thing that I’m getting is that Chiefs of Police seem to be reasonable people. Heads of Police Unions, on the other hand, seem to think they are all Judge Dread.

11:34 AM

No one seems to have authority over the police forces anymore. It seems like we’re dealing with a rogue army, backed by laws to protect them, who’s union embraced the white supremacist rhetoric of the current occupant of the white house.

One could argue it’s a mob. A terrorist cell.

9:11 AM

They were never officer Dibble, except on the surface. But our cops here in the states have gotten way worse since 9/11. They have gotten way more militarized, and no longer see themselves as police, and see our citizens—especially anyone even a shade darker than milk—as the enemy.

8:41 AM

The police saw 9/11 as a great excuse; nobody was willing to stop them, and now nobody is able to stop them.

8:37 AM

Officer Dibble was always a lie.  There has never been a time in U.S. history when black people en masse have felt good about seeing cops coming.  The difference is that now everyone has a camera in their pocket.  

1:13 AM

I will hunt a mother fucker down if they even think of messing with this guy! As a child of color I grew up in shit neighborhood with a shit school system that was just passing me on through the grades. I was in the 3rd grade and I could not read. His show, was the one thing that made me want to learn to read. Read more

12:20 AM

You don’t need to, just read up on institutional racism at your local library.

10:35 AM

That long game has been accelerated by Trump’s failure to appoint enough people to fill State Department jobs that would counter Chinese and Russian Soft Power around the world. It is one of the lesser reported failings of the administration, but you really can’t blame the media, they have so many other failures to Read more

12:43 PM

How did one become a Jedi? We didn’t quite know. But The Empire Strikes Back showed some of the processes as Yoda and Luke ran and jumped all over Dagobah. It was important to let audiences know that Jedi aren’t just born, they’re made, and it was going to take a lot of effort and courage for Luke to reach that goal.

10:51 AM

You only get to homage John Ford or Akira Kurosawa is you can recognize a shot as an homage to John Ford or Akira Kurosawa.

10:44 AM

It totally checks out thatPool, Cable and Domino would run around in fortnite with big-ass guns shooting each other. Psylocke, though? She’s never been the type to resort to using big guns or anything like that.
I know he isn’t a classic X-Force character, but Bishop would’ve been a much better choice. Or hell, Read more