10/08/20 2:18PM

See, I didn’t think it was a documentary at all. It felt like a non-fictional found footage movie. The lack of any kind of talking heads, narration, or text to provide context outside of the beginning and the end should be a huge indicator that it was telling a narrative, not trying to inform or educate. And I think Read more

10/07/20 8:36PM

They’re rich. The rest of their details are irrelevant. The rich love Trump bc he made them a shitload of money. Rich Dems, rich Repubs, doesn’t matter, no matter what shit they talk.
Read more

10/07/20 8:10PM

Honestly, I’m just bored by the repetitive formulas of most of these shows and other pseudo reality shows. Read more

10/07/20 7:13PM

I absolutely hate shit like this. If a woman tried to do the old ‘I’m really just a big kid’ she would not be taken seriously. At all. I know this from personal experience.

10/07/20 6:44PM

The Magnolia Cult in Waco is legit scary. This show ‘works’ for a lot of people because it’s the classic sitcom formula played out in a reality television format—the oafish husband with the kind heart with the shrill and neurotic wife.

10/07/20 5:12PM

not only did Trump kill the stimulus bill talks, but he went out of his way to take credit for killing it.

10/07/20 3:07PM

Oh yeah. You could tell when they got defensive over their church. "It's about loving everyone. GOSH!" Yes, Chipper, and your church doesn't!

10/07/20 2:56PM

I had an odd experience the year after our Golden Retriever Lucy died.

I say ‘our’ because we originally got Lucy as a puppy for our kids, but she was really ‘my’ dog - I named her, and when I would get home from work I would call out, “Lucy I’m home!” in my best Ricky Ricardo voice, and she would come running to greet Read more

10/07/20 2:39PM

Not Joanna Gaines thinking their appeal was because her husband was a maverick.

Ma’am yall are a White Man/Ethnically Ambiguous Woman couple. That’s your appeal. It’s such a tired trope that blogs have been making fun of it for like 10 years. HGTV isn’t exactly known for making us step outside our comfort zone.

10/07/20 11:17AM

Just his statement “my representatives” as opposed to, you know, the state’s representatives or the people’s representatives shows how much he believes he is a king with no oversight.

10/06/20 7:07PM

It also speaks to a main Democratic problem, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP. You can’t rely that people are just going to blindly cast their vote, you have to put in the legwork, show up, listen to people and be present. Maybe Texas wouldn’t be such a Republican bastion if Democrats just actually showed up and proved they’re Read more

10/06/20 6:24PM

I think this is moreso a case of very strong fundraising than it is anything else. Pennsylvania, Nevada and other tighter states are still the primary targets of the campaign’s biggest efforts. $6 million is a pretty small portion of his overall kitty. Read more

10/06/20 6:19PM

Possibly the most shocking thing about the phrasing of the tweet was Trump referring to them as “my representatives.” You are not a king, you asshole. They are the PEOPLE’S representatives.

10/06/20 6:07PM

This is how he negotiates, this is exactly what he does with contractors, he threatens to withhold payment until he gets what he wants. The problem is that even when he gets what he wants, he still doesn’t pay.

This isn’t for an “audience”, he’s trying to bully people into voting for him. It seems stupid to those of Read more

10/06/20 5:59PM

10/10 barfs for Trump holding the whole nation hostage for his re-election.  Fucking dictator. 

10/06/20 5:50PM

The Biden campaign deciding to bet on Texas is a really interesting turn of events and probably says a lot about both the DNC’s own polling as well as their fundraising. Read more