10/08/20 8:58AM

That’s why I feel this was a dishonest documentary. They were completely in debt, about to lose the house (he didn’t make that much money himself), and with the pressure of baby #3 on the way, I think this added to his motive. To not touch this in the documentary is crazy to me, nor portray the reality of MLMs. Read more

9/19/20 2:45PM

Putin has too much komprimat on Graham; he’ll definitely vote to confirm their nominee. Graham is the last person to pin any kind of hopes on, and lying liars Collins and Murkowski are right behind him. 

9/19/20 2:31PM

American immigrant in Germany, hatched the plan the night Trump was “elected.” Been here 1.5 years and it’s, without a doubt, the best decision of my lifetime. I can’t imagine ever moving back to that dumpster fire!

8/29/20 5:07AM

This is not techno. Doesn’t even approach techno.

8/12/20 4:24PM

Graydon Carter also didn’t allow Vicky Ward to publish the full Jeffrey Epstein piece in Vanity Fair and ultimately didn’t support her reporting. He’s a shitbag.

8/02/20 7:13AM

The documentary on Netflix on Epstein is pretty good. Although uncomfortable, I watched it because the ratings are important - seems like these girls (now women) will never get any kind of justice, since two days before Epstein died, he signed over all his assets to his brother, making it more difficult for any of the Read more

7/06/20 2:51PM

It’s because your nephew is college-age and about 10 years behind this guy. Doesn’t mean this guy is a rando because your nephew doesn’t know who he is. This guy got top billing on many, many lineups (think EDC in the 00s) and this news is kind of a big deal to those of us who have been in the scene a long ass time. Read more

7/06/20 2:32PM

Team no one except maybe Jackie Aina? It’s depressing how rich these people are and how much people give them clicks, likes, and ultimately a baller income. We are doomed. 

5/04/20 9:51AM

Hi, I moved to Germany a little over a year ago (from Michigan!) and Germany is feeling pretty fucking perfect right now where society is respecting what Merkel is telling us to do. That is not a society that is unraveling; that is a society accepting some temporary restrictions for the greater good of society. Read more

4/18/20 3:35PM

Nah, just Americans. The rest of the world is looking at you like, what the faaaahhhhh

4/18/20 3:34PM

They don’t want to be ID’d on social media for the losers that they are and this is their “clever” way to avoid that. 

4/12/20 9:01AM

Akin to Trump talk about human’s like he just discovered it exists. 

4/04/20 2:11PM

People take makeup way, way too seriously.

12/17/19 2:54PM

...were shocked when a staffer for Carey walked away with all the food without leaving a tip! Read more

12/15/19 7:32AM

Right, I love how the yardstick for comparison is...Saudi Arabia. Instead of other Western countries where the quality of life is a gazillion times better. I moved to Germany a year ago and every day I continue to be surprised by the “gifts” of the radical socialist government here. I feel very well taken care of and Read more

8/26/19 1:59PM

I work in clinical research (oncology) and we’re getting ready to close our sites in the UK - too much fucking work to get our drug into the county post-Brexit, and too much unknown if the required conmeds will be available. Read more

8/25/19 8:28AM

And men call women hysterical when we assert rape culture. This is exactly why we fear men.

2/20/19 10:47AM

Kindly don’t speak for us lady queerfolk; absolutely nothing about Bernie excites me. Read more

2/18/19 6:05AM

I’m with you! Moved to Germany last month because I don’t identify at all with the country I was born (USA). I’m so glad there’s a shift here and nobody thinks the US is the hotshit it once was, except for the Trump voters and the idiotic commenters below (who will likely have grandshits still crowing about WWII, the Read more