I Hate It When My Schwartz Gets Twisted

I disagree.

480Wh/mile seems very ambitious for a traditional truck design (even with all the obvious aero improvements they are trying to make). The weight of this thing is going to be insane. a 239kWh pack is likely going to weigh in excess of 2,000lbs on its own. Being traditional body on frame truck construction, there isn’t Read more

A Volvo FH Electric commercial truck traveled round trip between Switzerland and Spain to deliver more than 22 tons of oranges

I swear they would sell tons if they just went ahead and started selling the test mule liveries.  Read more

Funny enough I just so happen to have bought an ‘06 F250 to haul my wife’s horses. I’m in Iowa and they recently changed the license/tax structure when you register a truck. It used to be that basically *all* pickups over (I’m assuming) a specific weight cost $50/yr to register. Now for all newer trucks it’s based on Read more

JANINE MELNITZ: “Do you want some, uh, cyber security, Mr. Tully? Read more

Fun Fact: It was the last iceberg. Read more

But beneath those covers are probably the best-looking production wheel on any car at any price point.

I already had one, as a kid

The first half of the 13th gen F-150 to the second half. Went from so-so looking truck to one of the best looking trucks ever imo. All from slight changes in the grille

This is true and fair but i also work for a giant tech company and we fuck up a lot easier stuff than this all the time. Software is fiendishly difficult and complex at scale.  Read more

Grand Theft Auto Online. Sure the lobbies are sheer mayhem with griefers on flying motorcycles that are there to ruin your day. However, the actual races are really fun. There’s basic upgrades that you can do to your cars (funded by your criminal enterprise or actually winning races). There is also so many different Read more

Imagine how much faster it would be if there wasn’t an umbrella built into the doorjamb.  Read more

Old VWs smell like crayons. new ones smell like nothing Read more

More like the fast and the furriest. I’ll go home. Read more

Sounds like his area of expertise was...