I Hate It When My Schwartz Gets Twisted

Interested to see real-world range and degradation with the GM Ultium packs. The Type-S being under 300 miles right out of the gate is disappointing, but if you do a guesstimate on the battery degradation and potential cold weather impacts, it’s really close to a Model Y Performance. They’d be wise to build these with Read more

It’s good material for a services vs hardware debate. Anything that might require ongoing operational cost for the company, which would include things like the servers, satellite connectivity, staff to maintain remote functions of the vehicle, etc. do make financial sense (for the company) to limit to a subscription Read more

A 229 kWh battery pack will take all day to fully charge on a decent home charger. Read more

I will never ever ever forget the jalop commenter that was genuinely convinced he could adjust corner brake bite by pushing on different areas of his brake pedal. Read more

Shall we remember this the next time another EV automaker gets scoured for missing a production goal? Read more

If I recall correctly, one of the root arguments for this change was with signal conflicts between cameras and sensors. I think Musk commented on this in an interview, suggesting that it introduces a “who wins?” question when one sensor detects an object and the other doesn’t. In software programming this has to be a Read more

I probably have already purchased the last new ICE-only vehicle I’ll own, and it’s a shame because if that were not the case the Long Beach Blue would be an absolutely beautiful car to look at every day.  Please forgive my longing eyes when one of you lucky dogs snatches one of these up.  :) Read more

Makes sense that Montana only has 0.1% of EVs because that’s where all the exotic cars are registered. Read more

This part is more or less the equivalent to a tire inflation kit. It’ll sit in your trunk/frunk for potentially the entire lifespan of your car as a just-in-case piece of mental insurance, and just like tire kits there are a handful of people that will have heroic stories of that one time a 4 mile/hr charge rate got Read more

Similarly, I’ve spent the last week trying to describe the sound and falling short of doing it justice. What ends up happening is that I stutter, wave my hands around like I’m shooing ghosts, and subconsciously inject body motions that look somewhere between a full-on possession and directing a symphony. Did the Read more

You’ll hear of “Iowa Nice” when coming to visit our state, which is generally the case until you get on the highway. That’s where the bucket of nice empties out, and there’s a profoundly deep reserve of bottled up emotion ready to teach lessons to those that make mistakes. It’s not road rage in a violent sense, but if Read more

All-weather floor mats.  First thing I equip, every time, every car. Read more

I’m going to start putting these on my appendages during the winter. Read more

Just hang on a minute...we’re commenting on the other 9000 internet posts about FSD. Can’t be everywhere all of the time for crying out loud.  :) Read more

You can buy die cast toy trucks if you want to practice on your living room floor. Read more

Don’t underestimate the number of scenarios an autonomous vehicle needs to account for on farmland.  While certainly different than paved roads, it’s no walk in the park.  The engineers have their work cut out for them, and just like with automobiles there will inevitably be lessons learned in production. Read more

100% agree on the crayons.  Worked at a dealership with a used VR6 Jetta on the lot and it was just like sitting in a big box of Crayolas. Read more

JFC I about choked to death on my own saliva.  Well played! Read more