Bob Loblaw Made Me Make a Phoney Phone Call to Edward Rooney
Oct 19

seeing a lot of folks here who do not treasure their time spent at the dentist

Oct 15

I initially thought your were laughing at the F-150, which is clearly less suitable as a commuter car.

Oct 12

Speaking of TVR’s, I love the way British manufacturers such as MG, TVR and Rover kept the little Buick V8 alive for so long. If I had money to burn, one of my dream projects would be to outfit an early 60's Buick or Olds with a late model, Rover V8 TVR parts. It would be a unique, one of a kind restomod that would

Oct 9

She's just as bad. She tried blaming the kid until I asked who ate in the driver's seat, she admitted the discarded food there was hers. Lol. 

Oct 8

The face is pure aesthetic. There is no inherent requirement from Honda to have to cosplay masculine toughness. But now they are.” Read more

Oct 8

I know this is a really stupid reason, but the ugly front end is really what sent me to the Ranger over the Ridgeline. I was seriously looking at both and had test driven both. Looks are important to me, and the Ranger just looked so much better than the Ridgeline. Both had good fuel economy and a good drive train, Read more