Bob Loblaw Made Me Make a Phoney Phone Call to Edward Rooney
Sep 16
Proto Z Headlights

I though to myself “those headlights are really bad. They’re not a legacy shape or a nod to anything, why do

May 15
My racecar lives!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to get out there, but my partner in the car went out and actually did some laps.

Mar 31
Sorted little 944

For the price of a rebuild/new engine for a 996, you (I) could just about snag this. Is it overpriced for an S1?

Feb 24
Truly Special

Man wonders why his street car with bolt-ons doesn’t corner as a flat as multi-million dollar race cars.

Oct 17
A real unicorn

The ever-so-rare “manual mislabeled as an automatic” instead of the usual auto labeled as a manual. Observe in its