Holy fuck. Thank you for sharing, it’s sadly unsurprising but still absurdly horrific that you have to deal with this shit, that there’s no way to avoid it, that you can’t just log off or dress differently or not share your repugnant political beliefs in public spaces. It’s because of who you are, intrinsically. I Read more

Bought mine in 2017. With the LT1 it’s a hell of a performance bargain. But moreso than that, a ton of fun.

Choire Boy? Choire Sicha is actually doing a pretty great job of running NYT Styles tbh. Plus, The Awl was a gift, god rest it. Read more

I also have family that went to Siberia and never returned. No, Lithuania has never been atop the power heap (at least not since the 14th century). That doesn’t mean we were innocent, either. Ask a Lithuanian Jew what their peoples’ experience has been like, historically. They’ll tell you some very interesting things Read more

I have Lithuanian ancestry. While you’ve done an admiral job of caping for the country because it didn’t participate in the slave trade, you should also recall that Lithuania has historically treated Jews absolutely terribly. They didn’t need an underclass of people from a different race- they had the Jews. More Jews Read more

I honestly don’t think this at all. My turning the Corvette into a mid-engine platform, it stops GM from having to kneecap the Camaro, which has struggled to play second fiddle lately, especially in Z/28 trim. The boomers who want front-engine and front-engine only will find a home (and pricepoint) in the Camaro. Read more

On the contrary.

I’m a dumbass and to be fair, it was early. I meant to refer to the E46 (although I will say that E39 IS obviously best M5). Read more

Brownell: E36 is Best M3
E39: *Exists* Read more

You leave Slint out of this!!!!  Read more

Their union contract carries over in the event of a sale by Univision, but nice try. There are provisions for these sort of things, you know, but don’t let that get in the way of a good anti-union circlejerk. Read more

Couldn’t quite best the Threadripper, but that’s okay; my CPU cost half as much.

Fairly sure Skyscanner are based in Miami, so I would assume EST. Read more

Exactly this. I daily a 2013 Corolla that costs absolutely nothing to fuel and maintain so that my income can go into my 1994 Corvette. Sometimes dailying a cheap, bland car you don’t have to think about is the perfect way to get yourself into a sportier ride for the summer! Read more

This is the David Tracy wisdom I required! Read more

I’m not sure about that. It is difficult to judge volume from youtube videos, of course, but from what I’ve seen, with a resonator and cats it’s actually not too bad. I don’t do a lot of highway cruising with it, either, so I think it’d have to be off the header to really annoy me. Read more

Help me settle this argument. I have a ‘94 Corvette, which is like the bitchen’ camero of corvettes. Anyway, I don’t have the money to put like, headers on it yet, but the factory exhaust is way too quiet. It has true duals and comes with a resonator, so I figure if I leave that on I could just cut the mufflers Read more

It’s been a joy and privilege to read so much of Trotter’s great work here over the years. With his departure it truly does feel as though the last chapter of Gawker has closed. Good luck and godspeed, sir. Read more