1:21 PM

I think she could tell I was hurt when she lied (by avoiding the subject) to me about taking him to the tennis match (hurt that she lied, not that she took him); that same day she brought up the idea that the three of us would be hanging out for the next three years, and it was like a singles club. I enthusiastically Read more

11:22 PM

As a fellow NKY native and a current Louisvillian, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

12:14 PM

Is that a flaw, or just weird? I'll admit, I've never driven one, but I always thought they looked pretty cool. Not arguing, just wondering.

2:22 PM

I had been eating healthy, but then I took one as a sample from the lady in Kroger. Naturally, that led to me buying a pack, which I went through in 3 days. Damn you, sample lady!

1:35 PM

I understand where TPG is wrong in her interpretation of your comment, but the fact still remains that even if you don't have to pay for it, it's a giant pain in the ass to have it repaired as opposed to simply driving away.

4:50 PM

The other 2.5 sides are still open; they just curtained off the NE corner. There's a rumor that one of the professors is going to donate his body after death and wants to be at table 40 in the SE corner "because it has the best view."

1:12 PM

My med school's anatomy lab is on the third floor, and surrounded by windows. It's right across the street from a high-rise retirement home, and the residents used to complain that they could see through the windows to the students dissecting cadavers. About 15 years ago, the conflict got quite heated, and a group Read more

1:59 AM

Tigershark, you say? Maybe it's because I've been looking at my airplane books too much, but to me it conjures up imagery of this, a stillborn single-engined development of the lightweight, high-performance F-5 Tiger II. Sounds awesome to me.

12:59 PM

I thought some were already in use. On my way from Louisville to Cincinnati last week, there was an unmarked Taurus that pulled out ahead of me, lights blazing, and then got off at the next exit, where there is a state police post.

7:45 PM

As an amateur organist, I am ecstatic that there is finally a crossover (even if it is a bit of a stretch) between Jalopnik and the King of Instruments. Behold the only thing in Washington that is louder and has more powerful blowers than Congress.