Cletus Van Damme
3/24/21 8:04PM

So I live in the area and thought about it for a second.  I do know that stop sign, and I don’t know what it is about that intersection but when I drive there at night I always forget its there.

9/03/20 12:48PM

Nintendo: “Emulators are bad! If you’re using emulators, you’re basically stealing!” Read more

6/15/20 3:46PM

I’m a black computer scientist. This has literally always made me uncomfortable. I don’t like it in Git. I don’t like it when talking about physical architecture. I had ONE professor back in undergrad who deliberately used parent/child even though the textbook said master/slave. I know (hope?) this wasn’t a deliberate Read more

6/03/20 4:02PM

These explanations are a waste of time. At this point, the people who are saying “All Lives Matter” know exactly what they’re doing. They’re deliberately refusing to recognize that racism is a thing. This is the same crowd who insist that there’s no such thing as white privilege.

5/22/20 10:26PM

If my weekly Dungeons & Dragons game isn’t essential, then neither is anyone else’s.

5/20/20 10:29AM

Not gonna lie, I skipped most of the article because I don’t care about internet drama, but I wanted to comment on the point Steph failed at making. Read more

5/20/20 1:27AM

It’s not inherently unfair. The way it gets used is unfair. Voice chat is simply a tool. But people abuse that tool.

5/20/20 12:53AM

So here’s my read: I don’t use voice chat unless I’m playing with very close friends and those friends alone. With any other group I don’t use it because I don’t need to be called a porch monkey while relaxing after work and such.  Read more

5/19/20 11:59PM

I knew something was up the second I saw the standard circus of reactionary youtube gamer chuds all targeting one single person with a laser focus. Like, that’s your immediate clue to know whatever “anger” going on is entirely performative and in bad faith.  

They found their target of the month—and a woman too, how Read more

5/18/20 3:46PM

Is Jack Ma cosplaying in that picture as Former AOL Digital Prophet and ValleyWag mascot Shingy?????

4/02/20 10:18PM

We considered Deep Throat but ultimately decided that the Colombo crime family does not count as an independent production outfit.

2/24/20 1:07PM

You can totally tell the age of the climate denier by how many times they grumble about shit Al Gore said.

1/07/20 10:07AM

Whomst among us did not weep openly when that tree the cat people liked fell down?

1/03/20 3:52PM

This is an issue for me, because I’ve always questioned to what degree “Walking Simulators” are really games. This has been a pet peeve of mine since Myst, and I’m not convinced that something like The Stanley Parable has more in common with, I dunno, Candy Crush than it does a Choose your Own Adventure book. Read more

11/12/19 11:59AM

I discover no kinship, no understanding, no mercy. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature. The Big Dog has truly come to claim his yard”