Don't Judge Me I Swear I'm Nice
2:21 PM

Yah it’s just fact that meat is stupid wasteful. Honestly I dont have anything against the killing and eating of animals but I do think it should be done humanly and people should care that the number cause of deforestation is cattle hearding.

3:03 PM

he and his wife were also extremely pro-choice and still threaten to sue anti-choice groups that use “a person’s a person no matter how small” to encourage anti abortion policies.

3:10 PM

Yea I dont agree with people saying that all the people saying they don’t want to see a dog die over and over need to read the book or they don’t get reincarnation. I get all of it, but there’s a big difference between reading a story and seeing live action things performed on a large screen. And not a not like the Read more

3:06 PM

My family felt the same way. We had a golden lab and we saw the trailers and were like “wow a fun romp about a mischievous lab, that’s perfect for us” so she got all four kids and my dad to the theatre just to have all of us bawling and asking intense questions about relationships and death. Which like, she was fine Read more

11:43 PM

wow did you just tell someone who shared a personal story about their childhood experience with violent racism that they should try and talk things out with someone who calls for the killing of black people? Read more

3:24 PM

I mean you could say that about any type of school, but it would be a straw man argument that doesn’t have anything to do with what i was talking about....

10:23 AM

Yeah a lot of trans people I know felt really alienated by the women’s marches because they focused so so much on pussies and vaginas and even being able to give birth. Like this sort of reductive, gender essentialist stuff only further divides people, and enforces unnecessary and outdated definitions of what it means Read more

10:57 AM

I hope this goes without saying but please, no one tune in to the inauguration today. Don’t use any hashtags about it that are neutral (like #inauguration). Please let this ego maniac have one of the least viewed, non Twitter trending inaugurations of all time. Unfollow him if you follow him on Twitter. Read more

2:50 PM

holy cow this song is great! as someone who has never heard of Quincy Jones before, any other song recommendations? What else do you like by him?

2:38 PM

remember all those people saying that things wouldn’t be so bad? remember how trump wasn’t really going to be able to do anything? HAHAHAHAHAHA *starts to cry*

1:54 PM

I’m kind of piggy backing on your comment but it really bothers me how nintendo gives up on it’s own consoles. I enjoy my Wii U, and my partner and I have a lot of fun playing on it, but there just aren’t a lot of games, especially games by Nintendo. It’s super irksome to buy a console, and then because other people Read more