Jan 25

(having mentally pictured a stereotypical gruff guy from Philly who would curse at you for shivering when you’re out in the cold without a coat like a dumbass, even as he’s giving you the coat off his own back) Read more

Jan 20

Is anyone else bursting into tears randomly? I’m having trouble keeping it together today.

Jan 15

I was studying abroad in college our beloved family dog died unexpectedly; I was devastated that I wasn’t there and was really struggling. I desperately wanted to talk to my boyfriend (back in the states) about it but hadn’t been able to reach him for days. A day or so later, a mutual friend reached out to gently tell Read more

Jan 13

Yeah my gut reaction was “well, I only drink one cup” conveniently forgetting that my mugs range from 16-20oz...

Jan 11

Ugh I can’t imagine who I’m *less* interested to hear from than Ms. “Very Concerned” herself. And of course she pivoted back to *her* fear, intentionally missing the point that her consistent capitulation helped lead us here. Read more

Jan 7

Isn’t Allred a former linebacker or something? And good on Conor Lamb for calling a spade a spade and explicitly stating that the GOP’s argument is nothing but lies on record.

Jan 6

The way things are leaking like a sieve at the WH right now, I’m almost more surprised that we haven’t heard about what I’m assuming is an epic tantrum. Read more

Jan 6

CNN is actually reporting that the cabinet secretaries are discussing it 🤞

Jan 4

We had a serious discussion about moving to a different state because of the direction Ohio is heading in over the holidays. We love our town, our jobs, and our closest friends are here, but living in a blue county doesn’t mean anything when you have no representation at a state level. The election showed that we’re Read more

Dec 22

Yep. They were literally arguing with evil sociopaths, I get that this is the best that could come of it, but why the ever-loving fuck would you act like this was a good compromise and celebrate it..?

Dec 22

Same. I made the offhand comment to my dad in like 2017 that I’ll never trust American voters again, and he thought I was overreacting and 2016 was an aberration. For once I wish I wasn’t right :-/ Read more

Dec 17

God, yes. Our local AMC has -- had? :( — the really nice reservable recliners, and they did 50% ticket discounts if you went to the first showing of the day (usually around 10 or 11am). My husband used to work Sundays, so I’d go alone all the time. I desperately miss movie theaters.

Dec 14

Thanks for writing this. Academia is a sewer. I still work in higher ed because of the students, but every other week I seriously consider bailing and finding a place of work whose framework wasn’t literally built to enshrine and sustain abusive behavior. Read more