8/23/20 7:55PM

Perfect for the Toronto millionaires who want to get a few laps in on Friday afternoon before spending the weekend sailing and cottaging in Muskoka.

7/08/20 1:28PM

From”Directly before the driver accelerated, his car was surrounded by protesters who asked him to go a different way, according to video taken by witnesses and posted to social media. One protester can be heard telling others to pop the SUV’s tires before the driver hits the gas.” Read more

7/08/20 1:03PM

FUCK Jalopnik readers who defend asshole mobs who attempt to drag people from their cars.

Seriously, FUCK Jalopnik readers who defend these assholes

7/08/20 10:43AM

But what was the key to unlocking this case? Did it just click into place with the investigators or was there a battery of smaller chips that fell into place? Whatever, great work by our Train Police, and we can all learn from how they hit this on the button.

7/08/20 10:20AM

Gibbs ran his criminal enterprise under the handle scarpone? Was crimeguycomittingcrimes already taken?

7/02/20 11:24PM

There’s a lesson here about our constant need for the next shiny new thing. Especially for us car enthusiasts. Read more

6/24/20 10:45AM

It was a SLIP KNOT for a garage door handle. A knot tied to be a loop so that a human can put their fingers in it. Next, your gonna say that all those Texans who wrangle cattle are mobile noose twirlers

6/24/20 10:42AM

Correct. Its just “hammer NASCAR for being “racist” because that the fucking thing thats always been done...and when you realize that its not racist....well you just silently fade into the bushes because your job of convincing other dumbasses that NASCAR is racist was complete. The actual truth is completely Read more

6/24/20 10:28AM

My buddies and I have a Comanche that we’ve swapped a Chevy v8 into. You better believe there will be a couple bowties on that thing once we’re done. Read more

6/24/20 9:34AM

Agreed. I still think they should have called it the Ford Probe though. 

6/23/20 10:37PM

Rude. I am actually excellent at walking while chewing gum.

6/23/20 10:27PM

Bradley, you and other writers here have made the same case. Pedestrian deaths are up (they are, at a 30 year high). SUV and Pickup sales are up (they are). SUV’s and Pickups will do more damage to the human body when an impact occurs (it will). Ergo, SUV’s and Pickups are causing the increase in pedestrian deaths. Read more