Oct 20

Double patty hamburger on sourdough bread and onion rings. My lunch was Taco Bell. I’m a trash person who loves trash food!

Oct 1

All I can think about is undecided voters, specifically the group the Washington Post profiled before and after the debate, and how they strike me as the dumbest people I’ve ever read about. When I read both of those articles, I literally laughed out loud multiple times. I cannot believe these people are not a parody. Read more

Sep 30

It’s extraordinary to hear I know but having glimpsed at the comment histories of some of those here doing the whole “be polite to those you disagree with” and “Rowling isn’t transphobic” there seems to this amazing overlap of that and comments about how The Root hates white people...

Sep 17

I think your feelings are completely justified. I think you’re making it worse for yourself by giving in to the guilt. Read more

Sep 15

Do we know if we’re keeping the current games when S2 drops? It would make the most sense but I’m a little worried everything is getting replaced with the new games.

Aug 24

As someone who grew up in Southwest Virginia and existed within the reach of the Falwell family, Liberty University, southern Evangelicals and the type of right-wing troglodytes who earnestly toss around the word “cuck” as an insult, the fact that Jerry Falwell Jr is being exposed as a literal cuck is deeply Read more

Aug 17

I got a 27", 240hz Samsung, which I thought was super overkill at the time. But my PC runs Halo 3 beyond that max rate, and let me tell you it is smoooooooth.