Oh fuck you, Joe. People’s lives have been royally fucked by 45 and his merry band of dipshits and this bit of action would help so many out, but you want to go along with GOP bullshit in the name of “healing”. Read more

So this is a veiled threat against the GOP right? Pass the bigger stimmy checks and have a better chance to win Georgia or don’t pass it and lose long-term? Read more

Be that as it may, the vast majority of the contexts in which I’ve see it used have been either a self-declaration of some sort of adoration or making fun of someone for a perceived adoration or basic respect of someone. I cannot recall a specific instance that falls under the description you provided, but I’m sure Read more

Every single time I see someone use “simp” in any context, it just leaves me feeling icky. Especially on Twitch when someone says “I simp for ::female streamer::” and it’s a highlighted message. Read more

That white board of hers is legendary and I love the energy she brings to hearings. She’s someone who has clearly had enough of mediocrity and bullshit impacting her life and the lives of others, so I’d love to see her rise in prominence. Read more

So I’d seen the Lt. Gov of PA on an interview a few months back and before I knew his party affiliation, I’d had this feeling about him being different based on what he was saying. Read more

Katie Porter is an absolute genius and someone I would love to see in the Senate or as Speaker of the House. Truly, she’s one of the few bright spots that I can almost always count on for realness and hard truths. Read more

I think the lack of more colorful controller options, especially those clear ones, might also be part of the reason why RGB in PC builds is so fun to me. I just built my first machine and, even though I wanted some RGB to show through the glass side panel, I didn’t want the rainbow road vomit like I see on some PCs. Read more

This is a teachable moment, but something tells me that she’s not interested in learning. Read more

Yeah that edgelord “just asking questions” nonsense is disingenuous, dangerous, and needs to go. Read more

Throw Wright away. There are so many disappointing and, more importantly, dangerous layers here. She legitimately sounds like another one of those internet edgelords who are “just asking questions” during a fucking catastrophic pandemic. Read more

What the actual fuck is going on anymore and why is this nonsense STILL being entertained? Read more

I will never unsee this cursed image. Whew... Read more

Last year’s Thanksgiving was a failure on so many levels. Read more

Good. Terrible person deserves terrible outcomes. Read more

Another “adult” edgelord in a prominent position of power and influence. Ugh. Read more

She actually had the audacity to wear a space force hat unironically. Amazing. Read more