Tuesday 7:23PM

Ultimately why things went so poorly during the pandemic comes down to how governments choose to act. I kind of wonder how thing would have went with more competent leadership in America would covid have turned into a pandemic in the first place?

11/30/20 5:18PM

I keep thinking “oh it would be so sad if a couple of months from now that little baby was ripped from their arms and placed in a disease filled warehouse with a bunch of other kids in cages and the parents had no idea where she was.” But I remind myself I’m not an evil POS like they are, and I wouldn’t wish that on Read more

11/13/20 11:27AM

I can confirm that our goal is absolutely a full-blown matriarchy. First we gain the presidency, then we start oppressing the men.

We start passing laws on what elective medical procedures they can have to erode their bodily autonomy, pay them less so they’re more dependent on us, only test medication on women so it’s  Read more

11/13/20 10:42AM

Plus if those wusses think HRC was still getting her period when she was running for president, our sex education system sucks. 

3/05/20 8:48PM

Avocado, fruit only, is fine for dogs. They’ll choke on the pit, and they’ll get sick with the peel or tree parts. The Nahautl and other city-states that were part of the Aztec empires? They used to feed avocados to the dogs intended for human consumption. Read more

3/05/20 8:27PM

Everyone on the left owes a deal of gratitude to Warren for her live national television murders of nay-saying centrists and corrupt billionaires. Obviously, that is/was not her only great attribute and accomplishment of her campaign. I can list many more for paragraphs, but just wanted to highlight the above as one

2/21/20 3:36PM

U.S. Soccer Federation Says Men and Women Who Play Soccer Aren’t Doing the Same Job” Read more

2/12/20 5:18PM

Still missing the most important aspect of the old rotary phones: Young people will never know the cathartic release of hanging up on an asshole by smashing unto the phone a receiver heavy enough to bash someone’s brains. Read more

2/06/20 5:50PM

My dealership currently has a Tesla. We didn’t get it from a Tesla auction, it was a trade in. Tesla absolutely refuses to give any information on the vehicle’s options to anyone who isn’t the registered owner of the vehicle. And no, the dealership owning it doesn’t count. Read more

2/06/20 5:11PM

Right, because a typical pre-purchase inspection includes confirming that features listed on the original window sticker haven’t been remotely removed from the car by the manufacturer, and any used car buyer who fails to have one of these mythical pre-existing feature inspections performed deserves what they get.

3/25/19 4:55PM

Think about the term “guilty pleasure” and what’s often cited:  things women are “supposed” to like such as romantic comedies, pop music, chick lit.  Have you ever heard of anything masculine-coded as someone’s guilty pleasure?

3/25/19 4:15PM

As a kid that hit middle school a year after this album came out, Jagged Little Pill felt like the first time I had permission to be ANGRY or disgruntled. Read more

6/21/14 7:43PM

OK, I guess I'll just come right out and explain the joke, since you're pretending to have the reading comprehension and critical reasoning faculties of a fish stick.