1:51 PM

When we got our first kitten from the shelter, about the size of an apple, it had fleas, so we bathed it. Two grown adults. We both ended up bleeding copiously.
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1:47 PM

I think that whatever works for the individual is a worthwhile option. The patch worked for me, but only after I had switched to a very low nicotine cigarette, so the patch was actually giving me more nicotine than I had been smoking. Also I had a health scare with a lump on my neck to give me extra motivation. I try Read more

1:40 PM

I’m actually not that into vaping, more so edibles, but I will defend the use of medicinal marijuana. I live with chronic back pain, can’t take NSAIDS due to an ulcer, and if you don’t know how hard it is to get opioids these days, you’re living under a rock. Acetaminophen is useless. I’ve tried acupuncture, physical Read more

1:31 PM

Appolonio is incorrect that a patch is always lower than the intake from smoking. When I quit by using the patch, I first switched to a low nicotine cigarette for a couple of months. Then I started using the patch at a higher dosage than the nicotine I was consuming by smoking. It made quitting much easier, because Read more

1:53 AM

Man, I am a white woman, and I am still scratching my head over how any woman of any color could vote for that asshole.

2:57 PM

I want that flight attendant put in an overhead bin for an 18 hour flight. And if we can’t have that, I want United to fire her and pay the family substantial damages for the emotional suffering they endured.

6:49 PM

The only explanation for that result is that the court prioritized the cop’s family over Sims, which is wrong. Sure, they suffered too, but that has no place in the decision.

6:20 PM

California already took away the “personal belief” exemption for vaccinating your kids for school, but unfortunately there are now doctors capitalizing on the remaining exemption for children with conditions which (allegedly) make it risky to be vaccinated. Some doctors are even advertising that they will give the Read more

11:51 PM

In my experience as an attorney, excessively lenient judges are unusual - far more unusual than the reverse. Still, neither extreme is good. I thought this sentence was appalling and the reason for it even more appalling. A potential sports career? This world does not need more athletes. If he was on the way to Read more

8:21 PM

Small correction. The flight wasn’t overbooked. They had enough seats for the passengers who purchased tickets. They didn’t have enough seats for the passengers who purchased tickets + the flight crew who were being boarded at the last minute. Overbooked is when more tickets are sold than there are seats. Attorneys Read more

8:19 PM

Of course Greenwald doubts it. Greenwald has his nose so far up Russia’s ass that he can see Sarah Palin’s house.

5:06 PM

Seriously, if PETA is your source, don’t bother printing the information. They aren’t reliable. Hell, they stole a Virginia family’s pet dog, killed it and claimed it was a stray, and they are being sued for it (they were fined but it was a slap on the wrist for them). PETA kills animals.

4:01 PM

Every time I watch Full Frontal I gnash my teeth for what might have been if Comedy Central had been smart enough to offer the job to Samantha Bee. I’m sure Jessica Williams could also do better than Trevor Noah.

3:55 PM

As if pro lifers have ever given a crap about women’s health or safety.