Yesterday 11:32AM

Insert bland hero X into generic open world Y, bake for 10 months and release.

Friday 8:31PM

I think that last paragraph needs to add the fact that, despite Teigen claiming that she reached out to Stodden, Stodden says that she did no such thing and in fact still has them blocked on Twitter. So it wasn’t just a big performative apology, it was completely empty of actual action which got called out within Read more

Friday 5:47PM

lol “Marlboro spends a lot of money and resources making sure you get the healthiest cigarettes possible!  Stop saying they’re bad for you!”

Friday 3:44PM

This is related to why Joe Rogan’s podcast is so problematic for so many people: Too many people give too many fucks about what certain people say online. Read more

Thursday 6:11PM

Anyone else remember “State of Emergency?”

This feels as boring as that, but with co-op. So you won’t be bored alone?

Thursday 3:26PM

I love that I read this in exactly the voice I think you intended.

Thursday 1:45AM

A week’s worth of work in a year? You give senators too much credit.

Thursday 1:43AM

Ummm, Shakespeare ring a bell? For as long as humans have been telling stories, they’ve been telling stories about, how do you put it, evil maniacal pieces of shit. Maybe you should stick to Teletubbies or something because it doesn’t seem like you can handle the vast majority of the stories told throughout the Read more

Wednesday 9:34PM

Nguyen was allowed by Judge Elisha Fink of the Washtenaw County 14-A District Court to post a $10,000 bail for his release, a decision harshly criticized by county prosecutor Eli Savit.” Read more

Wednesday 7:03PM

Bullshit. Bonds are also put in place when and individual is a danger to him or herself or a danger to society. Discharging a firearm in public is a danger to the community. Shooting at a child makes you a danger to the community. Read more

Wednesday 2:57PM

Because focusing on real things doesn’t make you one of the special smarties who knows more than the sheeple. Any old person can point out that law enforcement agencies abuse civil forfeiture or disproportionately harass people of color, but it takes one of the very special members of Conspiracy Club to know about the Read more

Wednesday 12:53PM

One could imagine these wild conspiracy theories actually help cover up nefarious acts because so many people focus solely on them…

Tuesday 6:07PM

Exactly. Our government isn’t always very transparent but when they fuck something up it’s usually really noticeable. There’s thousands of legitimate grievances you can have with our government, why do you only pursue theories with zero evidence for and tons of evidence against?

Tuesday 4:27PM

Okay so here’s the thing: The ragequit was immature and could be chalked up to age...but defending it and refusing to apologize afterwards is what turns it in to bullshit. Read more

Tuesday 3:57PM

Fuck golf, there are still far better uses for recycled waste water than that creating those stupid expanses of grass in a fucking desert.