24 minutes ago

This won’t change until something really bad that could have been easily avoided happens. There will be some hearing, small fines and new laws that fixes things for a time. Eventually there’ll be something else the auto industry finds to make vehicles more deadly for profit

Yesterday 1:48PM

Maybe don’t release the game on previous gen hardware months before its upgrade is released, that still isn’t widely available.

Yesterday 1:42PM

You know what does let me play older games and sometimes at a much better resolution, emulators and I don’t have to spend five to ten dollars a month to do it

Yesterday 12:30PM

These companies have been overcharging and under delivering for as long as I can remember, so what about the tax payer’s bottom line? 

Friday 2:36PM

If you worry about them then and now, where’s the real improvement? The problems we face have not really changed before or after Trump. They may grow different but the result of oppression is still the same. Read more

Friday 12:59PM

“My cousin says that coal creates pollution and wrecks the environment,” the sulky kid on the sofa says. Read more

Thursday 7:46PM

Well I guess I’ll be waiting a little longer to finally play this game. It sometimes pays to have a backlog and only buy stuff on sale lol

Thursday 7:41PM

If misogynists can marry women and racists can marry black and nbpoc, I doubt your gay friend does much for your case lol. Plus it isn’t like gay people are absolved from self hate and homophobia

Thursday 7:20PM

If only the liberals that were telling us to vote him in and hold him accountable, were doing that. Gotta love that back to normal smell lol 

Thursday 6:59PM

A vast improvement for who? For some of us, nothing has really changed besides not having to hear liberals act like any of this is new

Thursday 12:31PM

It really bums me out how the systems of oppression has us all fighting each other instead of the actual problem. And isn’t it amazing how we all have to suffer to senseless gun violence because some people believe they’re seconds away from being a main character in a Hollywood blockbuster. Now a child is shot because Read more

Thursday 12:18PM

No but depending on what kind of asian you are, you’re the shining example of how to be good and close to whiteness

Wednesday 3:30PM

Well I don’t have a facebook or whatsapp account and I doubt you can use those on the web without one. At least that’s what I assume.
Read more

Wednesday 1:59PM

I love how she says what she was doing was an effort to be safe and the cop is like, and thats why I made sure it was unsafe as possible for you. Wish she would have just pulled over right there and he got hit, since he has such a hard on for authority.

Wednesday 1:38PM

The article to me paints a different picture than that. It isn’t so much, I don’t want to talk to you because you dont have Facetime but moreso, I don’t want to download this specific app just to talk to one person. Which given my boyfriend and sister until recently, some people don’t have enough space on their phone Read more

Tuesday 5:52PM

I went from having no interest in this at all to a pinch of interest. At the very least it shows that the people behind this care somewhat

Tuesday 5:43PM

Well when you’re making 2K to come in 2nd place, on top of the sponsorships for this event, well I can see why it’s being taken seriously. But even outside of that, it’s just decent sports behavior. 

Tuesday 5:27PM

It is really so sad all the conspiracies people believe when the government is already doing sinister shit

Tuesday 12:40PM

Of course Apple couldn’t make things perfect ugh. Thanks for the info though