I think Cardi here is speaking against white feminism. Read more

You forgot to explain why. Balls are very fragile. Ironically they are the most vulnerable place on the body, revealing the essential fragility of the masculine gender. Read more

Other people who shot the videos appear to be under the impression that destroying the Keurigs will make liberals angry Read more

Obviously there are many famous people who are good human beings (looking in your direction Tom Hanks, Ryan Coogler, and Stephen Spielberg) Read more

Entitled MRA trolling trending toward internet white supremacism trending toward online and IRL recruitment? With tech harassment techniqueslearned, perfected, and deployed as far and wide as possible? Starting misogynist entrenched cultural memes that we can’t get rid of? I’d say gamergate and the fappening were Read more

Sexual harassment and trolling and the qualifications of women being overlooked because of their gender and the uncrackable nature of the boys’ club? I’m comfortable calling it a prelude. Read more

So what is your experience with people cheating/making bad choices?Mine is that it’s not always black and white and that people in general are not perfect. I’ve seen men cheat on women and women cheat on men. Usually, there are already problems in the relationship. But, because someone makes a mistake, that doesn’t Read more

So nothing else happened for 4 years, and then this person enters SAA all of a sudden? Am I missing something here? Read more

Congratulations* on their long relationship! Read more

Everyone is entitled to a chance I guess

Did you ever read Under the Banner of Heaven? There is this really sad part in which Krakuer interviews a woman who’d been asked by Brian David Mitchell to be his plural wife. And she said that everything he talked about were things she’d learned about as a child growing up LDS and if she’d been younger, like, say, Read more

Let’s just talk logistics: there is zero way a teenager with a box of Nice & Easy dye could go from blue to blonde, especially with fresh blue dye. Zero. Zip. Not happening. Anyone who has ever dyed their hair ever would know this. Read more

She can send it to me. I can do a lot with “hideous.” :D Read more

Yeah, I hate to pull out love languages because . . . ick. But I just left a relationship where I needed more focus and I needed to feel appreciated. Verbalizing that was always treated like I’m being high maintenance. And it’s not high maintenance to say “Hey, I need you to pay more attention to me” especially if Read more


Knuckles Deep makes me sad because she describes herself as crazy and needy - now unless she’s broken into his house and stolen his child’s bunny and boiled it, I think “crazy” is some bad self-talk. She isn’t needy - she’s a person with needs and you only feel “needy” when those needs aren’t being met. I hate “love Read more

Seriously! Harvey Weinstein is not a veteran of the Mad Men era who cut his teeth in his industry in the decades before the term “sexual harassment” was a term people used. This guy graduated high school in 1970, give or take a year, which means he went to college when the Women’s Movement was in full swing and that Read more

Counterpoint: Staffer specifically picked a holiday wedding so Megyn Kelly would not go but would send a gift anyway.
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Poor Marie Antoinette, to be compared to that arsehole... Read more

Ewww you’re right! I try to not look at him directly if I can. Read more