Sep 28

Ordinarily I’d be all about someone calling out the Oscars’ bullshit, but this just reeks of an edgelord emo teen screaming in your face “Look how much I keep it real with how dark and edgy I am! LOVE ME!”

Aug 20

He might have not intentionally used it in this instance, but he absolutely used it enough times that his Iphone autocorrects to it.

Just did it on mine and it literally auto-corrects to Nuggets.

Ever seen a man ruin they own life...?

Jul 6

OMFG yes to your last sentence. To all of it, really, but wouldn’t it be fucking awesome if this were the start of HBCU prestige and recognition outside of just the black community!? 

Jul 2

This is what some folks refuse to understand. (I don’t want to say they “can’t,” because they can, they just refuse.) Read more

Jul 2

Most of white America doesn’t know it, but we’re just as hemmed in by this system as the people it directly oppresses. Read more

Jun 26

All I know is Jesus called Herod a “fox” (which was basically calling him a ‘lying ass muvafucka’) and beat the shit out of people trying to disrespect what his faith really meant. The man died for the truth and combating oppression by the government. Not pancake syrup and face masks.

Jun 24

I keep saying it, but Jesus better have the angels build a Slip N Slide that leads to hell, because his throwing arm is gonna get real tired. When Jesus warned that there would be much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the folks who claim to follow him, but are just bullshitting/putting on airs, he was underestimating Read more

May 1

I really don’t want to hear another story or see anymore footage of police officers abusing black and brown children with the bullshit excuse of “I feared for my life.” If those officers could stand there and let those low life sacks of shit scream at them and act like the fucking gestapo and not raise one finger or Read more

Apr 13

I was listening to The Pharcyde the other day and was thinking the same damn thing. I mean there are still outliers here and there in the present, but the early 90s was incredible. Same with rock music. Something special was happening musically during those years. 

Apr 13

Someone on the Kinja machine once told me that any of Migos had better flow than all the members ATCQ.

Then I told him to pull his baby diapers up and stop his infant foolishness.

Apr 9

OK, can we stop with the line that it’s a Dem’s fault (either Biden for encouraging participating, or Bernie for not dropping out sooner) that Wisconsinites had to go out on Tuesday and vote in the Primary? It’s been ALL OVER these sites for the last few days, and it sucks. Read more

Sep 12 2019

I’m mad at how loud this made me snort in the office.

Sep 5 2019

Their neighbors to the north, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), tried that by seizing land from white farmers. It failed miserably. I’m sure a lot of it had to do with the corruption of giving the confiscated land to political friends rather than those actually qualified to manage large farms. But, it still failed.

Aug 9 2019

It’s Philadelphia, so I’m just going to say everyone deserved exactly what they got. 

Oct 22 2018

I think part of the problem is that vaccination has been too successful. When I was a kid there was still a lot of institutional and firsthand memory of what even the relatively mild “childhood” diseases were really like, and vaccines to prevent them were properly celebrated as a way that science makes our lives Read more