Jul 16 2017

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the Model ARRR to get that feature.

May 23 2017

Yeah, it was less “give me money for a car”, and more “give me money for a car if you want to see more reviews, because without it I won’t be able to do any more” (to which the internet replied “hell yeah” and gave him enough to buy a used Fit with a leaky hatch).

Mar 8 2017

That dude needed to Focus on his drifting more.

Mar 8 2017

Looking at the open hood view, pretty easy to figure why there’s a hole in the hood. There’s no way in hell you’re getting anything far enough under the lip of the hood to reach the latch that’s been jammed shut by the distortion... better to go *through*.

Mar 8 2017

Getting rid of EPA, getting rid of Department of Education, tweet something that the media will latch onto and no one will notice, it’s the best possible idea in our kept up kardashian world. he can set in motion whatever he wants and mitigate the backlash by doing something dumb.

Mar 8 2017

Can we maybe stop talking about his tweets? There are things that the Republicans are doing everyday that threaten the American way of life. The president’s asinine tweets are the perfect cover as they are both sensational and largely inconsequential. Let’s give it a rest. Please? Our way of life, based on some of our Read more

Feb 28 2017

“... hit a set of spike strips going 115 MPH, subsequently barreled off of the road and into a drainage ditch, launched the truck into the air and landed on a car parked at a restaurant” 

Jan 26 2017

You’re one of those people who makes life shitty for everyone else, and doesn’t understand why they are unhappy, right? Its the first part of it - it actually doesn’t make you feel better to act like a dick all the time, even though no one can stop you! Take that to the tailor, try it on for a month, see how it goes. Read more

Jan 26 2017

I’m “that guy at the dealership”. I work at a VW Dealership in CT, at the service counter.

I didn’t sign up for this shit. It’s not my job to play damage control for VW corporate.

I don’t work for VW. I work for an independently owned and operated franchise dealership that has a contract with VW.

I didn’t do a Read more

Jan 26 2017

PR is a specific role, if I’m sales, I am not PR. Regardless, if you find it fun to just be a dick to low level employees for the hell of it, then you are the dick.