Apr 1

I love all their work, and was amazed by how strong their last album, Sky Full of Holes, was. ‘A Dip in the Ocean’ is Teenage Fanclub-level pop perfection, and ‘Action Hero’ might be the best of his many sad studies of middle-aged manhood. But there’s no filler on it: ‘Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart’, ‘Cemetery Read more

Oct 30

Jesus. Don’t we screen people before allowing them to comment here? How can such ludicrously bad takes get through?!?!

Oct 30

If anyone wants to hit up ole’ Jimmy Spanny himself and ask him what the fuck is going on, here’s his number! 917-881-5965 Read more

Oct 1

Steven universe is amazing wonderful entertainment.. and I don’t have kids.

Oct 1

OK, but can we apply that to video replay/determining what is or is not a catch? I am genuinely interested in how this plays out (and I think “there is no catch” or “you can never actually control the ball” could be satisfactory answers because then I would have no reason to watch the Bears anymore).

Oct 1

Amen! The Buddhist concepts of co-dependent arising and impermanence ‘solve’ this utter non-problem quite elegantly.

Oct 1

Yes, there’s an overwhelming focus on Western philosophy here, which makes me feel this is likely the area of the author’s specialty. Read more

Oct 1

Exactly. I mostly liked this essay, but I hate the unquestioned use of the term “intuition” as if it’s any less varied than anything else. Perhaps if your intuitions weren’t against vagueness, this isn’t a problem.

Sep 26

Holy shit. They knew better than to erase and destroy the call and transcript, but they thought they could store it on a national security database to keep it secret. Or something. Jesus. Giuliani is fucked. Also, MULTIPLE officials were concerned. Multiple.

Sep 17

with you on Bush sucking (band and Presidents!) but dear Lord Live is a steaming heap too. I ALONE LOVVVVE YOU, get over yourself, shitbag. Read more

Sep 12

The most exciting plays in baseball all revolve around speed. Stolen bases, triples, inside-the-park-home runs, and outfielders tracking down fly balls from the next town over.