Feb 3

Despite all his rage, he is still holding cats on this page.

Jan 4

I’m not expecting an afterlife. I figure that, when the end comes, it will be a slip into darkness, much like going to sleep permanently. Read more

Dec 7

accurately compared to Driving Miss Daisy’s victory over Spike Lee’s Do Tha Right Thing Read more

Nov 30

Ready Player Two reads like a fusion between a Wikipedia page and a video game walk-through: It makes copious references but absolutely ensures readers get the joke by having characters share the source of a quote while also making it clear that it’s shameful to not already know this. Read more

Oct 2

I can't listen to that song without hearing the "Stevie Nicks Fajita Round up" lyrics.

Sep 2

Question is, did he lose his sense of smell? Would be a shame if he could no longer smell what he was cooking.

Sep 2

Wasn’t Soren (from the TNG episode “The Outcast”) nonbinary?

Aug 14

After seeing about a thousand people express this same opinion about Terriers, I finally watched it and then had to question the wisdom of getting hooked on a show I know of mainly from cancelled-too-soon lists.

Apr 1 2020

I love all their work, and was amazed by how strong their last album, Sky Full of Holes, was. ‘A Dip in the Ocean’ is Teenage Fanclub-level pop perfection, and ‘Action Hero’ might be the best of his many sad studies of middle-aged manhood. But there’s no filler on it: ‘Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart’, ‘Cemetery Read more

Oct 30 2019

Jesus. Don’t we screen people before allowing them to comment here? How can such ludicrously bad takes get through?!?!

Oct 30 2019

If anyone wants to hit up ole’ Jimmy Spanny himself and ask him what the fuck is going on, here’s his number! 917-881-5965 Read more