Aug 12

I honestly can’t wait until this guy gets to work with a real producer. Someone who can preserve the grime while cleaning up the mix. 

Aug 7

Am I the only person who hates this genre of reaction video? The fact that these kids keep pausing the damn song they’re supposedly “listening” to spoils the whole thing for me. Like they should listen to the whole song first, and then go back and pause the thing and talk about what they liked and what they didn’t. Read more

Aug 6

I’m excited about this movie because it will be one of the few times I’ll get to see a movie adapted from a book I’ve already read. Mind you, I didn’t like the book. 

Aug 5

Can someone please explain to me how HBOMax, which is owned by WarnerMedia, is losing the streaming rights to the Harry Potter movies, which were produced by Warner Bros, which is owned by WarnerMedia?

Jul 25

She 100% made a sad bastard album and as a certified sad bastard I am here for it. 

Jul 18

Correcting the record here.

Turns out A) Kemp can call a special election to finish this term, although why we would go to the trouble for such a short amount of time I don’t know.

B) Turns out Democrats have until Monday to replace his name on the ballot. Read more

Jul 18

Governors don’t appoint vacancies for the House,  just the Senate.  And John Lewis won his primary for the 6th district, so he’ll be on the ballot, and win one last time. Then we’ll have a special election to fill the seat, because nobody can replace him. 

Jul 14

I went back and checked to make sure I wasn’t imagining this dialogue. When they’re walking into the cave they have this exchange...
Read more

Jul 13

She was lying about the goat to get him to agree to the experiment. 

Jun 24

Bolton’s argument as to why not one single GOP lawmaker voted to convict a person Bolton admits is guilty of impeachable offenses was essentially that their fee-fees were hurt by those mean Democrats.) Read more

Jun 19

Also, think about how good this movie is, and then think about how much better Some Like It Hot, Sunset Blvd., and Double Indemnity are (and all three of them are loads better than The Apartment). Wilder was a freaking magician.

Jun 19

It’s an absolute testament to how unbelievably great Billy Wilder was that this is maybe his fourth best movie and it’s still better than 99.9% of other movies. 

Jun 18

Greg Davies and devious co-host/task devisor his lapdog little Alex Horne.”
Fixed it for you.

Jun 17

Yeah, the two black Swanns bit doesn’t exactly work anymore, if it ever did.

Also, literally all of Kimmy Schmidt could be on the chopping block. 

Jun 4

I think Seth Myers already has the best locked up here, considering he didn’t need to have a guest on, but could just turn the opening of his show this week to Amber Ruffin and her tales of harassment at the hands of the cops. 

Apr 1


Fountains of Wayne’s self-titled debut album has some real fucking bops on it. “Sink to the Bottom” and “Leave the Biker” are personal favorites. They were so much more than their one novelty hit.

Dec 11

I firmly believe that if TLJ was a stand alone film with nothing to do with Star Wars people would be hailing it as a masterpiece of sci-fi action. It fucking owns bones. 

Oct 31

I cannot thank you and Burneko enough for Foodspin. Finding recipe writing that matched my method of cooking was life changing. I became a better cook because of you two. I’ll follow your writing wherever it posts.