John Boehner
11:09 AM

I think the best SVU episode is when the rapper gets eaten by his lion, Stabler goes undercover and gets injured, and Cragen opens up a basketball at an airport to reveal a baby gibbon that lives inside of it.

10:55 PM

At this point of globalization, you would think planes would be better designed for holding companion/service animals? But airlines love breaking wheelchairs for the disabled, and unless you yourself and all of your rowmates are size 6 or under, and 5’10 or shorter, lmao good luck air travel is the fucking worst

4:39 PM

When I was 16 or 17 and working at a candy store, we also had an espresso machine. On a particularly slow night, i decided to see how much espresso I could drink. 17 shots and then I hurled. Read more

11:03 PM

I am no legs and ALL torso (might as well be a walrus with flippers tbh), let me have my moment~

1:27 AM

I have spent a fortune living in London, and I thought I’d spent enough to make that joke. 😂

3:23 AM

You got a little incel troll in the greys replying to you. He did the same to me on another thread on a different GizMed blog. Look at his comment history. Don’t reply, just dismiss 💕

12:27 AM

i think I’d prefer “teens arrested as suspects in attack” rather than seeing “allegedly attacked.” They look bloody? Unless there’s cctv footage of the two women just knocking each other out? 

12:17 AM

I love this question. I love that there’s no reply to it from the person you asked.

12:08 AM

You are absolutely not alone! I have snoozed through all of his movies (which is a rare feat! I dont take naps! I dont fall asleep easily!) Inglorius Basterds is the only one I’ve been able to watch until the end and I’ll admit I enjoyed it, but probably because everyone feels great about killing Hitler? Read more

10:52 PM

Thiiiiis is me. I don’t want to pass on my shitty genetics (I am BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT but i also come with a basket of health issues). Since I’ve accepted being barren I can’t even imagine paying someone to have a child that might end up with the same shit I went through. When I’m ready, I will foster, and hopefully Read more

4:15 PM

I finally got a compost bin and it has a charcoal filter. My kitchen no longer smells like a frat house in the summer.

I finally got a compost bin and it has a charcoal filter. My kitchen no longer smells like a frat house in the