Dec 8 2016

I actually love his style of comedy, but to each their own. I have a question though, did you watch simpsons in the 90s? Did you like the monorail episode?

Dec 7 2016

So this is the I’m angry with Ferrari so I’m going to make them look stupid by saying something ridiculous about their product but what I’m actually doing is demonstrating how much of a douche I am story.

Dec 7 2016

Maserati of Troy is like Ritz Carlton of Haiti.

Nov 30 2016

“Poorly edited”.
It’s not edited. That’s the basis of this entire post.

Nov 30 2016

The point is that it isn’t poorly edited or translated or re-edited. This is how the next president talks.

Nov 30 2016

Except that he promised to visit Pakistan. Which actually is an important diplomatic act. Obama refused to visit Pakistan to show his discontent with the inability of their leaders to control the Taliban and their continued aggressive acts towards india. Did he consciously mean to reverse long-standing US foreign Read more

Nov 30 2016

They should probably vet him before he visits. Then put him through some advanced interrogation, just to determine what his intentions are. Then if necessary, place him in some sort of camp until they determine what to do with people of his kind.

Nov 29 2016

Hate to be that that guy, but read the article.

Nov 28 2016

All of the examples in Matt’s write-up, TV, refrigerators, are too old. If you look at smartphones or the internet as a modern comp, they were spread to an even larger # of Americans in a comparable or shorter amount of time. That’s (hopefully) the point friedman was trying to make. Everything happens faster now. Read more

Sep 19 2016

This seems like such a loss of control of the situation for a piddling amount of money. Schumacher’s people have been forced to divulge information they were strenuously trying to keep out of the public eye. They could have foregone the legal case even if that might have raised the possibility that the report was Read more