Mar 31

I’m sure plenty of them are pretty happy to be creating technology that will help US Army infantrymen communicate better and check their surroundings better to keep everyone involved as safe as possible, including civilians.

Jun 1

They should right the wrong and put Kaep on this year’s cover. It would sell more, send the right message, and actually force the NFL to readdress the issue. Which is all why it would never happen. 

May 26

Yeah, it’s a ridiculously large file. IW added the ability to manage the data packs and delete what you don’t want, but it doesn’t really help anyone playing MP. Will make a huge difference for people wanting just the campaign portion lol. I deleted the all the co-op packs for spec-ops and survival to see how much it Read more

Mar 30 2020

I’m not talking about Trump, I believe you there. Check my comment history to see how much I like Trump (hint: it’s a little at best).  I’m talking about the covid-19 information you’re trying to pass off.

Dec 16 2019

I’m pretty sure I read that they meant for arena to be a bridge between PS2 and 3. Like how they wanted to try out new things and experiment for what PS3 could be that they couldn’t do in PS2 without upsetting its playerbase with all the changes.

Sep 9 2019

All due respect to field hockey players, but I’ve killed house flies that were more important than a college field hockey game.

Jul 28 2019

I believe that at some point it will use their real names with their gaming alias in quotes in between their first and last name.

Jul 3 2019

Ah yes. I remember Antonio Banderas did a documentary about him. 

Jun 12 2019

This reminds me of what my father used to tell me about good sportsmanship... “Don’t be such a baby. I’ll make it to the next game.

Apr 16 2019

Do you think maybe they hate Bernie because he’s a clueless old man that isn’t remotely capable of describing how he’ll accomplish anything?

Mar 1 2019

This happens more than you'd think. More so among National League owners who refuse to employ designated hitters.