Episode 1

Over the last two years we’ve had the idea to start a video series about club racing. Finally, we’ve gotten to the point of putting together the first episode. The goal is to document the life of a club racer who’s in the sport for the fun and excitement but desires to be more than just a field filler.



Its been a topsy turvy learning process but I'm really starting to dig vinyl over paint. On fiberglass surfaces that like to spider crack it has a mysterious ability to make them disappear. This is my first go around with vinyl on a non flat surface and has been a headache at times, but the right vinyl and the right…

Need Oppo's help

There's just 10 days left in the contest and I could really use Oppo's help. Take a moment and vote for me! With the snow melting and the temperatures rising here in Michigan I am getting crazy excited for the upcoming season. This contest has really forced me to push my comfort zone as I'm a pretty quiet and…