I know the World of Outlaws isn’t as well known as the NASCAR cup series but to call it “lower tier” is insulting to the series and its drivers. It’s a completely different type of racing and when it comes to sprint cars the World of Outlaws has the best in the world. It’s not like he’s been racing legend cars at his Read more

“I’m Captain Chaos and this is my faithful companion Kato. Say ‘Hello,’ Kato.
Been a cop long?” Read more

There should be a book about the inbred Hulman/George stupidity that ran IMS and Indy Car into the ground. Being stuck in “tradition” is not necessarily a good thing. As well as being stupid and stuck in tradition. Read more

I was wandering around a liquor store looking for something new to try. as soon as I saw this bottle, I knew I had to have it. I know its a winery, but my brain was screaming RACE CAR! Plus it was like $8 a bottle.

We’re receiving messages from the future!

these are all what is called...........good parsh”
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For sure my favorite is Marty Robbins. A legendary country musician known for songs such as Big Iron, El Paso, and Cool Water, Robbins turned a big fortune into a small one through stock car auto racing. As an amateur, Robbins competed in 36 Nascar Cup Series races at the top level, and earned 6 top-10 finishes.


* second time

She’s wearing camo? I didn’t see any....
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Apparently there are no problems with a baggy 80s patchwork technicolor jacket. Read more

Inb4 a swarm of Audi nominations. I’ll just throw the 4.2 timing chain clusterfuck out there. Read more

Uhhh...where’s Greased Gremlin?

Where does California sit on math tests? Read more

California’s economy is ~$2.5 Trillion Read more

In before the F40 “camping” photos.

You get a star because you’re right. Tom Logano had his hard card revoked once. It needs to happen again permanently.
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Maybe Beavis learned a lesson today....just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

Somebody please revoke Beavis’s dad’s hot pass, he is a bigger POS than his kid. Read more

This is going to be tough for me to attend :( Rennsport Reunion V is in Monterey that weekend and I have plans already set from the 24-28. Going to have to put some heavy miles on my car or miss the party... first world problems. Read more

If only the US had developed a weapons system to defend carrier battle groups from a threat like this. What would it look like?