Oct 19

I know the World of Outlaws isn’t as well known as the NASCAR cup series but to call it “lower tier” is insulting to the series and its drivers. It’s a completely different type of racing and when it comes to sprint cars the World of Outlaws has the best in the world. It’s not like he’s been racing legend cars at his Read more

Oct 5
Hour rule

The store manager at the Hardee’s where I worked owned one of these, 30 years ago. I regret I never asked him for a

Oct 4

I don’t want to wish anyone ill, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use their own words to mock them

Oct 4

No chance. If he survives, it will do nothing but increase his own opinion of himself. 

Sep 28

“I’m Captain Chaos and this is my faithful companion Kato. Say ‘Hello,’ Kato.
Been a cop long?”

Sep 6

There should be a book about the inbred Hulman/George stupidity that ran IMS and Indy Car into the ground. Being stuck in “tradition” is not necessarily a good thing. As well as being stupid and stuck in tradition.

Aug 26

I’m done with it. I can’t even really post there. They integrated the comments system into the ad display somehow. Either the page is unreadable without the ad blocker but I can’t comment or the page is impossible to comment on because of all the invasive ads. Read more

Aug 16

I was wandering around a liquor store looking for something new to try. as soon as I saw this bottle, I knew I had to have it. I know its a winery, but my brain was screaming RACE CAR! Plus it was like $8 a bottle.

Aug 12

Yes, but I tragically lost my life during an extremely dangerous and daring attempt to rescue the President of the United States after Air Force One was hijacked by terrorists.