Aug 10
Newton’s Cradle

Pretty sure my 10 yr old son killed this one. I’ve fixed many a fishing reel backlash but I’m pretty sure this is a

Jul 23
Cayman S Update

So two months into Porsche ownership and you could say I’m obsessed. I’ve been finding time for projects to make

Jul 1

Our Lt Governor in Texas (the #2 who holds all the power over the state legislature) said this. For those who don’t

May 16
I did a thing

Being stuck at home for weeks on end, you are left to follow multiple endless rabbit holes on the internet. Hence I

Mar 21
Naples Swamp Buggy Races

If you’re already stir crazy and watching iRacing doesn’t float your boat, go here to YouTube and partake in some of

Oct 6
Costco strikes again

Got the Maisto Ford GT and 1965 Corvette Stingray for my son yesterday. Good detail on both, esp the carbon fiber on

Sep 15 2019
Damn dude

First Eddie Money, now Ric Ocasek of The Cars passed away

Apr 24 2018
Poll: Silver or Gold

Oppos need your honest opinion on these wheels. One of these has a lead time in my size, the other is available,

Jan 24 2018
My new beater

I’ve been looking for a beater watch for awhile for camping and outside work as well as field visits for work. Did