8/08/16 9:43AM

Ya’ll just hating, everyone knows that the Gallo 24 is superior to the Gallo 12.

8/03/16 11:20AM

I think everyone here knows what I mean. We all know a Marcus. Marcus, in the abstract, is the guy who you’ll have over to your house on Sunday for a few hours to watch football, but you know your girlfriend isn’t going to like it. By the third quarter, and 25 references to his “ball stink” later, your girlfriend goes Read more

8/03/16 11:05AM

This car seriously had all the makings of a Nissan 370Z, Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro, Infiniti G37, etc competitor. If you only look at the spec sheet, this car had everything it needed... but... Read more

8/03/16 10:16AM

Bernie Sanders would have made SURE that absolutely every American got a Ford GT.... not just the Wall Street bankers.

8/02/16 4:50AM

Thanks! We had some good laughs and good fun.

7/25/16 3:45PM

If you get charged $3,000 for an after sale service you are of limited mental capacity.

Dealers, with stock on hand have saved me over 50k over the years compared to buying/ordering at MSRP.

I don’t love dealers by any means but they’re not Cthulhu.

7/23/16 8:44PM

“Scumbag?” What does the S in MSRP stand for? Charging what the market will pay does not make a seller a “scumbag.”

7/19/16 10:28AM

You know when you know you’re old? When you perk the fuck up and pay attention during Mr. Regular’s brief lecture on postmodernism and American ideals. Anti-intellectual philistines are going to complain that is was boring or stupid or had nothing to do with cars. Those people are missing the point. Shit like this is Read more

7/19/16 8:47AM

Doesn’t he make a solid living flipping houses on HGTV nowadays?