7/20/16 5:07PM

Drive any car on a highway for any length of time and you’ll listen to the radio. You can only take so much BUUUURRRRRRRRRR before you wish the sixth gear in the Gallardo was a little taller.

7/04/16 9:15AM

Ididn’t hate this season. Was it the best? Absolutely not. But, it was TV with cars as the primary subject without false deadlines. Series 1 of new Top Gear wasn’t great either. Remember Jason Dawes? LeBlanc, Harris, Reid and Schmitz are great and I enjoyed seeing them on my TV every week. If that requires me to fast Read more

6/25/16 1:37PM

Yet again I feel like I’m the only car person in the world that doesn’t care about Ken Block or his boring ass tire holocausts.

6/24/16 7:28PM

The C2 had an impressively short run as well. As an aside, when the current Stingray was in development, weren’t there rumors of a cheaper/slower one just called “Corvette”? Perhaps this would be a culmination of that plan, but in reverse.