BmanUltima's car still hasn't been fixed yet, he'll get on it tomorrow, honest.
4:00 PM

Well you see, Torch has a degree in History, I think, may even be art history. He also huffs LOTS of brake/carb cleaner at work, and then he writes these blogs. It’s pretty straight forward.

1:22 PM

Unions at one point were critical to the American worker. Now we have Federal oversight of labor and safety laws. Combine that with Unions making themselves uncompetitive and it’s a hard case to make for many auto manufactures and employees. Look at how the majority of Nissan workers voted.

5:36 PM

Nothing like just saying things instead of making an actual argument. WHY do you believe piracy to be wrong? What moral precepts support this assertion? At least pirates who “rationalize” their actions are making an argument - the moralizing side you belong to consistently refuses to back up their vague “feeling” that Read more

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“These things are not equivalent. Piracy can still be a major problem, even in the absence of a measurable impact on the sales of media. For example, the entirely false perception of rampant piracy can have adverse effects on the likelihood of individuals to offer works to the marketplace in the first instance.” Read more

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Is it wrong that I’ve never found the 6 series attractive?

9:41 PM

It’s a Mallock MK30. I know this because I did a stupid amount of internet delving, because boredom. Driver is a Mr David McQueen Johnston. The car is British and its handicap number is 33. That car is his cover picture on Facebook. The picture may have been taken at the Brighton Speed Trials back in 2014. This I know

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A friend of mine wrote this, in response to everyone praising Steve Jobs when he died. What you wrote reminds me of this. Read more