May 11

Aw thanks! And trust me I used the coffee cup example for a reason. lol
I’m prone to leaving them there. My husband leaves baseballs caps everywhere. But the thing is we both try and notice and do the little bits of things that add up in major ways, and then split the big stuff as evenly as we can. Because there is Read more

May 11

I’ve never seen a woman have crazy high standards that men can’t meet - the fight it always that they just do nothing at all, or promise to do it and it gets done a month later. That’s the grudging acknowledgement: that men are happy to let women do it, despite knowing full well that nothing their partners are asking Read more

May 11

Crumbs don’t belong on the counter. Socks do not belong on the floor. Your mails should be sorted through and put away. The bathroom sink should not have a crap ton of hair in it and toothpaste smears. Toilets need scrubbing or they get gross and smell weird. Dishes to not have to languish in the sink. When the Read more

May 9

I was with you until the whole her husband is a dork, it’s not about race or sex shit. Why do white people always want to tell you it is not about race without checking their internalized racism? I was not born in this country and yet I am always checking how casually racism is imbued into every part of our lives. Read more

May 7

There is some regional variation.  Hunter orange is much more a thing in the dense woods and populated areas back east.  I am out west and people might wear a piece during certain rifle seasons.  Otherwise not. 

May 7

Of course, at the same time, there were plenty of rural types who wore it, divorced from the dictates of trendiness, whether out of a desire to blend in with the forest or a desire to pass for a soldier, I’ll never know. Read more

Apr 27

The whole thing is worth a watch, whether you’re a theater nerd or a secret theater nerd who knows all the lyrics to Oklahoma but would never sing them in front of you, for your sake (hi!). To be perfectly honest, I’m not even all that familiar with Sondheim, though my favorite episode of Documentary Now is the one Read more

Apr 20

That’s because Canadian oil like their poutine is thick and gooey making it a pain to transport and refine. West Texas intermediate is the number to watch. 

Apr 1

I don’t really agree with this. We have a distribution problem, not a resource problem. This planet has more than enough resources to support everyone alive and their children if we distribute them equitably and stop destroying the planet to satisfy the limitless greed of a small minority of people who hoard a Read more

Mar 24

I highly doubt in one weeks time during a pandemic, they will be able to provide enough nurses to guarantee round the clock care for every patient. Plus the hospitals own original policies state people should bring a companion for help with rooming in etc. There’s tons of articles out there about how bad it is that Read more

Mar 24

Mortality? Probably not. But there are tons of studies on how the presence of a partner can reduce anxiety. And lots of studies about how anxiety can hinder childbirth. And about how having an advocate can reduce the use of unnecessary measures that introduce other complications. It’s a difficult thing to prove and I Read more

Mar 16

Are you sure the wells have been fracked? Are they vertical and/or horizontal wells? There are shitloads of wells from over 100 years of drilling in that part of Wyoming. The shale fields (requiring fracking) are mostly in the southwestern part of the state. The LeBar Ranch is north of Orin, Wyoming according to

Jan 25

Ditto. The beginning of season two when he’s desperately resetting things again and again only to have Eleanor (or Jason, JASON? yeah, this one hurts) figure it out is some of the hardest I’ve ever laughed at my TV.

Nov 17 2019

In an episode featuring giant squids dropped on New York, consumer cloning, pills that contain memories, and a rescue SOS being created on one of Jupiter’s moons with clone bodies, a freshman U.S. Senator whining about being given a seat on the Appropriations Committee was by far the hardest thing to believe.

Nov 1 2019

Nothing wrong with using stuff you already have to do a costume but you costume can’t just be “you, but wearing my bicycle race gear”. Read more

Oct 9 2019

I think people are often surprised by how they react in traumatic situations.

Aug 15 2019

One of my good friends and his girlfriend have decided to have a baby and they recently announced that they were having a daughter.

My friend and I own a race car together (its old, slow and crappy, but that’s all part of the charm) and so i kind of casually dropped the ol “so....its gonna be pretty fun teaching your Read more